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The science of creating healthy indoor environments

What is Building Biology or Bau-Biologie?

Building Biology comes from the German term Bau-Biologie. It is a building science which analyses the impact of the indoor environment on our health. It is a scientific field of work and holistic practice that identifies and evaluates toxic sources in the indoor environment. A sick building diminishes our life while a health-supporting building enhances it. It emphasizes the use of natural building materials as opposed to synthetics.

What does a Building Biologist do?

Building Biologists provide professional environmental testing based on the 25 Principles of Building Biology and Ecology. Our job is to identify environmental stressors and toxicants that exist within the building and provide practical suggestions on how to improve the indoor environment. Building Biology assessments and inspections are designed to evaluate more indoor pollutants than any other “healthy building” inspection protocol available in the US.

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