To what level of design do you get involved? Who do you collaborate with?

As a custom ski builder, my design process starts with skiing with and analyzing the client and his or her needs. Then I design and personally hand build the desired skis. I collaborate with Jason Georgiades who creates a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) based on the client’s needs.We then use a CNC machine to make a one-off ski for that particular skier in our fully custom line.

What part of the project is the most satisfying?

When the skis hit the snow!

What work do people use to describe your work?

Genuine, custom, and handcrafted.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

It is a fantastic feeling to see a concept come into fruition—through a
collaborative process—and to see the huge smiles on the people who are on a Big Wood Ski™.

Do you have favorite materials or a style you like or known for?

We offer cherry, maple, walnut, African bubinga and zebra woods, and other woods are available upon request. I find that the woods are incredibly alluring—like a finely tuned instrument when varnished.We use only the best products—plant-based resins, carbon fibers, and Kevlar®. Our racing bases add the greatest impact strength of any thermoplastic, with a low coefficient of friction and tremendous abrasion resistance. Am I getting too technical?

What other specialties do you have in-house?

We offer a Children’s 4’7 (140 cm) Powder ski, and a Classic Cross Country 6”9.5 (207 cm) ski that is customized with hardwood veneers. Big Wood Ski™ is also next to our 5B Garage, a membership-based ski-tuning club where some of the best local skiers hang out to tune their own gear and talk shop.

Big Wood Ski
Big Wood Ski™ is a Ketchum-based environmentally and socially conscious manufacturer that values the pure beauty of hard woods and the specific needs of their clients. Caleb Baukol, founder of Big Wood Ski™ is dedicated to delivering the right ski tailored to suit each individual.