What kinds of designs and interiors does deConde’s specialize in?

Our showroom inspires a “collector’s look” of beautiful furnishings blended together for the unique style. We show all forms of design: traditional, transitional, soft contemporary, formal, casual, classic, and high style. Because art and design are very personal, we strive to create unique interiors that reflect each client’s interests and lifestyle. We offer complete interior design services, from blueprint to completed home and office interiors. This includes: space planning, selecting colors and backgrounds (such as flooring and window treatments), and choosing furniture and accessories. We have a wide selection in our showroom but we can also custom order from our bevy of manufacturers.

How has design changed in the last two to three years, both in terms of type of projects and the approach to building them?

Customers are researching and educating themselves about products before they purchase. The Internet has allowed consumers to become familiar with the vast selection of merchandise available from manufacturers around the world. Many customers look for companies shown in leading design magazines, others prefer a certain style or craftsmanship of product. Often, we help locate items they have researched and then work with them to create a fully developed design scheme around specific items.

What completed project are you most proud of?

We worked on the expanding offices for a leading law firm in the Key Bank building at City Creek Center in Salt Lake City. They liked the basic design concept we had created in the originally smaller space and wanted us to continue that look in their new offices. It was exciting to continue our thirty-year relationship with them. They moved from one floor to a new level that allowed a larger area for their growing firm. We had a blank space to start with allowing us to create offices and workspace without constraints of existing walls or other obstacles. The result was a beautiful and inviting office that will serve their needs for years to come.

What part of a project is most satisfying?

Happy and satisfied clients! When we have finished with a room, home, or office, having customers who love the space we’ve created is the best reward. The added bonus is when they return for additional work – another room or another home. We have done homes for clients from across the country—New York to San Francisco. First homes, then vacation homes, and finally, homes for the next generation.

How did you start here?

Ken: I started as a stock boy at 15, in one of Salt Lake City’s major department stores. I worked my way up into sales and was trained by the store manager in New York City to be a buyer purchasing merchandise for its specialty shop. This shop featured antiques and fine furnishings to accent customers’ homes. I learned the business there as we eventually grew into selling furniture and designing interior spaces for local businesses and homes.

First opening its doors in 1974, deConde’s started as a small interior design studio on Salt Lake City’s “Old Film Row”—an area of the city named for the major film companies’ distribution houses located there. Over the past four decades, Ken deConde and his business partner, Harry Warrick, have expanded from that original 1,000-square-foot storefront to a much larger showroom at 3130 South Highland Drive. The new showroom offers a wide selection of design styles from formal traditional and rustic to casual and high-style contemporary.