What services do you offer?

I am an interior designer, well-versed in new construction, remodels, furnishings, artwork, and accessories.

What geographic locations do you serve?

I am happy to work with clients across the United States. I travel to at least four shows or design centers every year to learn the new trends and stay up on materials that might not be popular yet in our remote area. I believe in continually learning.

How would you describe your design preferences?

My preferable design is an eclectic mix of color in transitional, ethnic, personal, and textural elements. But my goal in working with clients is always to help them refine and realize their vision.

Could you describe your process in working with clients to help them achieve their vision?

With all clients, I listen to their needs and ascertain the scope of the project. It’s essential for me to understand how they use in their space, wether it be residential or commercial, so that the design and materials suit their lifestyle.” It’s essential for me to understand how they live in their homes so that the materials suit their lifestyles. This is paramount in both hard surfaces and soft goods.

What is the difference between good design and great design?

Great design is defined by a harmony of form and function for each client and their particular needs.


What are some of your goals with each project?

Staying on target with budgets is key in client services, and I strive to follow through with this goal. The best way a client can assist in assuring this is to be decisive in selections and forthcoming with expectations. I try to help clients understand that they must be realistic about what works in their lives and what does not.

What projects are you most proud of or most excited about?

An extensive addition and remodel, listed as “Teton Pines” on my website, dwellingjh.com, is an accomplishment that I am most proud of to date. This house— above all else—shows how I like to juxtapose color and texture, in both hard and soft surfaces.

What are some materials, patterns, or fabrics that you most like to work with?

I love working with reclaimed wood. It adds a natural element of depth to both architectural
and interior design elements. Reclaimed wood marries well with numerous textural fabrics, as well as glass, porcelain or natural stone tile.

How did you get your start in the design field?

During design school at UCLA, I had internships with two different firms in L.A. I gravitated toward one firm because there was such a strong team with a wide variety of skills. After my internship, I took at job at that firm.

Who are your design icons?

Andrew Martin is one of the most inspiring teams out there. Their designs are not always my personal go-to, however I met Martin and his story floored me. Plus, I adore their fabrics.

Now for the tough one: If you could own any three pieces of art, what would they be?

Three pieces of art to own? That IS a tough question to answer! I’ve always adored Paul Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire seen from Bellevue because its dimension and color evoke longing. Recently, I viewed Fernand Leger’s The Village and fell in love with the connection of the buildings, as well as the brush strokes and texture of the canvas. And third, Mark Rothko would be up there as well with a number of selections, but White Center is one of my favorites purely for the expression of color.

Kate Binger started Designed Interiors, LLC in 2007 and opened her Jackson boutique showroom and gift store, dwelling, in 2010. dwelling’s team of three (Kate Binger, Allie Harmon, and Lacey Stalter) works closely with clients to develop design vernaculars that fit the way each client lives. dwelling’s offerings run the aesthetic gamut including mountain modern styles. Kate Binger, owner and founder,
is also the principal designer and involved in every dwelling project.