What kinds of construction do you do? What geographic area do you serve?

Key Elements Construction Inc. [KECI] is a full service general contractor based in beautiful Carbondale, Colo. specializing in high-end custom residential projects of all types and sizes. KECI focuses on building unique, distinctive homes in Aspen and throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

What project are you excited about right now?

KECI is in the finishing stages of a very exciting and beautiful high-end home renovation in Aspen. This complex project is a contemporary home with many different facets that brought a multitude of challenges. Through the ever-changing renovation process, the  project team has worked well together to bring our client a fabulous home with great value on the Aspen Golf Course.

What part of a project is most satisfying?

We love every aspect and phase of the construction process. From pre-construction through completion, it’s a collaborative effort from the entire project team with everyone working together toward a common goal for a successful outcome. Seeing a project through all the different phases and being able to share one’s vision when it all comes together is very satisfying. Visualizing all the fun and love that our clients will have within brings a great sense of accomplishment to the project team and client.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

In today’s building industry, we’re very critical in how we build our homes. We think  outside of the box presenting many different options throughout the building process. We’re constantly evaluating challenges and solving problems. Communication is key when working together toward a common goal because it instills confidence and dependability throughout the entire project team and builds great relationships with everyone involved.

Do you have favorite materials or a style you like or are known for?

We love building all different styles of homes and using a wide range of different materials. We provide a multitude of material options and construction methods based on cost  analysis, energy efficiency and sustainability.

What makes building in this area unique?

We’re very fortunate to be building and serving our clients in one of the most unique areas

What word do people use to describe your work?

Quality, integrity, attention to detail and professional.

Key Elements Construction, Inc. is a quality custom home builder. Our goal is simple: provide unsurpassed craftsmanship, attention to detail, service and value on time and on budget. We strive to exceed expectations and provide clients with an exceptional building experience as well as a sustainable home that our clients will enjoy for years to come.