What specialties do you have in-house?

Working with Mindful Designs gives clients the ability to either bring their building plans to us or work with us in-house through the pre-construction budget and design phase. Due to the fact that we integrate knowledge of real world budgeting and building science into our design process, we can make the design/budget/build process extremely efficient by designing for a target budget and performance goals. Our attention to detail ensure both the design and budget as well as the actual build out are executed according to the plan created to meet the clients overall goals.

What kinds of construction are you involved with?

We currently have a range of projects including new construction single-family residential, new construction multi-family, custom residential remodel, and new construction light commercial. The fun part is that they’re all custom and we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the design as well.

Have you changed your company’s offerings or team structure to adapt to the new building environment?

We continually analyze our business structure to offer as much value as we can in our jobs. We have never been entirely preoccupied with finish material selection, and instead focus on the long-term value of the structure and performance-related systems, such as heating and insulation. Our company is known for educating our clients and helping them make decisions that raise the bar on their home’s energy performance, occupant comfort, durability/longevity, design quality, and interior environmental health. The consumer interest in these categories is definitely rising, but the relative levels of awareness and interest is vastly different from client to client. We try to help people understand all of these very complex aspects of building homes and to help them make decisions as to where spending extra money can help them out in the long run: savings on utility bills, reduced maintenance, better re-sale potential and value, better interior comfort and air quality, and the like. There is no best way to go about making these decisions; they all are personal and unique to each homeowner. We try to bridge the gap between the consumer and the information-overloaded world.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

‘Building a better future’ is our slogan and it truly exemplifies our passion and gives us satisfaction with our work. This means we’re constantly examining building science to ensure the home is comfortable and performs well. Building homes that provide a healthy indoor environment for our clients while minimizing energy use to do so is a very rewarding aspect of what we do.

Mindful Designs, Inc., consisting of the trio of partners Dave Radatti, Mart Beale and Jason Pohlman, has a passionate vision for their design-build company focusing on responsible development, providing a service capable of effectively producing inspiring homes while paying close attention to energy efficiency, house longevity, and a healthy and comfortable environment for those within. In addition, they know that through wisely considering land and resource use, development can occur while promoting a healthy, rather than debilitating relationship with the environment. Mindful Designs seeks to make a positive impact on the inevitable development taking place in beautiful Northwest Montana.