What kinds of projects are you involved with? What products and services do you offer?

We are typically involved with the design and installation of technology systems for custom and luxury homes. These systems include smart home automation, private home theaters, audio/ video systems, motorized window coverings, security and surveillance systems, and all of the low voltage wiring to bring all of the systems together. Our clients, whether the homeowner or general contractor, usually work with us because they want peace of mind and the confidence that proper technology solutions are recommended and implemented in their homes.

What geographic area do you serve?

We have implemented projects all over the western United States, but our primary market area is Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas in both regions.

What is the most exciting new product or development in your field?

Two things come to mind. First, as home technology becomes more and more popular, more companies are entering the marketplace forcing innovation among all manufacturers. And self- healing technology—the ability to implement technology solutions that can monitor system functionality and make corrections automatically if needed to keep system reliability at its highest point.

How involved is your design process?

Our design process is pretty extensive—from blueprint layouts showing all of the products to be installed in the project, to schematics showing the input and output connections of every piece of equipment and how it is hooked up. I feel that design is paramount to insure that no detail is forgotten and that servicing after the project is complete, straightforward and easy.

What part of a project is most satisfying?

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the wow expression on my customers’ faces when they use their systems for the first time.

What is the most poorly understood aspect of your business?

Because of past experiences, many homeowners think that the process of choosing the proper technology solution for the home will be cumbersome, drawn out, and overwhelming. At the RED Group we can usually narrow system performance and budget direction in a single meeting, and our detailed design process ensures no detail is forgotten, giving our clients much needed peace of mind.

What is likely to be playing on your iPod?

My music is very diverse from the big band music of the ‘50s to Metallica and everything in between. However, lately I have been listening to ‘90s alternative rock/ grunge a lot.

Kirk_MackayRED Group designs and installs technology systems for luxury and custom homes including: automated living, home audio/video, private home cinemas, and life safety.