Studio 80 enjoys being in the mix of blending the architecture, space planning, furnishings, and fabrics into one nice package—creating a new recipe every time. The firm’s extensive interior architecture background is what sets Studio 80 apart from other
design firms. It reinforces the interior design touches so that each Studio 80 project flows from the trim on the windows to the pillows on the sofas.

How has design changed in the last two to three years? How have the changes affected your projects and your approach to each project?

Studio 80 is working with a more sharpened cliental. Clients have us create their designs up front on paper including all the specifications and details—far before the building process starts. As interior architects, we have a wide knowledge base of interior fixed finishes and space planning that bridges the gap between the architecture and the interior design. We’re assisting the contractors up front with the construction bidding process to help ensure that the end result the client is expecting is being priced appropriately. It gives the clients “value engineering,” as a project up front, so there are less “surprises” in overall building costs.

What is the difference between a good house and a great house?

The difference between a good house and a great house is all in the interior space planning based on function and the details, details, details.

What is the most poorly understood aspect of your business?

One major misconception is that designers are uneducated pillow fluffers. Some designers, when carefully selected, can add the most overall value to projects.

If you weren’t in interior design, what would you be doing?

I would be doing a type of sculptural art. I wouldn’t mind having a big torch and lighting things on fire—preferably metal.

What is sure to make me laugh?

A dark comedy—the more twisted the better.

What do you enjoy most about living and working where you do?

Sometimes I can’t believe how fortunate I am to be involved with creating some of the most beautiful homes in the world. The ability to work alongside some of the most interesting and talented people in the industry is truly one of the biggest rewards. The
mountain scenery isn’t bad either.

Studio 80 is a full-service interior architecture and design firm serving the Aspen and Vail valleys. Although based in Colorado, the firm has completed various projects beyond the state. Each project – whether it is modern, traditional, or eclectic – is Studio 80’s opportunity to use an artistic eye to create a one-of-a-kind design for each of its clients. Studio 80 is hired not for one specific “look,” but for its ability to create exclusive high-end designs unique to each client’s individual taste and style requirements.