What kinds of projects are you involved with? What services do you offer?

We’re more than just a cabinet business. We’re a complete team from design through manufacture to install. We see the project through from the original idea to the final stages of the client moving in. We work on projects from the smallest bathroom remodel to the complete home including the popular bunkrooms going in to many homes today.

Do you have any particular certifications or specialties?

Starting in Minnesota from my high school shop class through a couple of years of college then onto a Minneapolis vocational school for three years of night school while working for a local cabinet shop in Cedar, Minn., I got my journeyman Cabinet Makers Certification. Then, I started my own business and have been designing and building cabinets ever since.

How has your field changed in the last two-three years?

There have been a couple of significant changes over the last three or four years. Our clients are more informed and discriminating. In the old days we used to give one price for the whole house cabinet package, now we bid each job by the room. Today, the client wants to prioritize where they’re spending their money. There has also been a swing from very rustic to a blend of mountain modern to a complete contemporary look.

Do you have favorite materials, or a style you like or are known for?

We’re usually known for our unique designs, meaning, designs that are unique to our individual client’s wants, needs, and likes. When we first meet a client, we sit down, talk, and ask: ‘How do you live in your home?,’ ‘Who lives in your home?,’ and ‘Who will visit your home?’ These are all things pertinent to our individual client’s residence. On our first meeting I tell people, ‘Let’s pile a lot of ideas on the table—yours, mine, your interior designers’, your builder’s, your friend’s, and your relative’s.’ Then I say, ‘Let’s pick up the ideas that work the best and leave the rest on the table.’

How do you prefer to work with others on the project team?

We love to work with a cohesive team on any project. We can make the builder’s job easier by communicating between all the other sub-contractors on the project. I carry all the subs phone numbers with me, (plumber, electrician, tile setter, granite person, etc.) and when a question pops up, most of the time; I can make a quick phone call. We can resolve an issue before it becomes a problem.

Do you have a favorite sport or recreation?

My favorite sport is hunting, and I’ve been able to incorporate my love for horses along with that. After two open-heart surgeries, my horses are my heart and lungs. When not hunting with my horse, I’m able to trail ride into some of the most beautiful spots in God’s creation. Also, my field trial German shorthaired pointer dogs keep me busy at field trials. I’ve accomplished what was once considered impossible. I enjoy family time as well as all outdoor recreational sports.

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