What kinds of construction are you involved with?

Upland Development, Inc. specializes in custom homes, luxury estates, commercial remodels, tenant finishes, outdoor living spaces, accessible homes, and green building methods.

What makes the difference between a good house and a great house?

Building a home that stands the test of time is the difference between a good house and a great house. Our focus on timelessness is a consideration of how the family will live in the home over time and how the home will adapt to the family’s changing lifestyle as it matures and changes.

A timeless home is built to last, mechanically and structurally. Ultimately, the greenest home is the one that lasts longest. We try to avoid trendy materials that date the home, and instead choose natural and enduring materials. We build homes for how people use them and anticipate that a high-end home will serve as a hub for extended family and friends.

Do you think of leaving a legacy with your work? If so, what would that be?

We believe in building homes today with a vision that a century from now, the home we built will still be standing strong, and the family will find it a joyful place to live. We love to imagine someone in the future commenting on the quality of craftsmanship and saying something like, “It’s an Upland home, and that’s how they built them.”

What do you enjoy most about your business?

We enjoy working directly with clients throughout the building process to achieve their vision. We like to get involved in the project as early as possible in meetings between the clients, architects, and designers. That way we can truly understand what the client wants, and we can make some suggestions that can improve the quality and lower the costs. Construction is more about people. People want to enjoy what they have worked for, and it’s our responsibility to ensure their dreams and expectations are realized.

Upland Development builds homes that complement your lifestyle. By listening to each client’s desires, Upland is able to make your dream a reality. Their commitment to the client is to provide superior craftsmanship and a unique attention to detail that will define each custom home and guarantee 100% satisfaction.