White Cloud Design

What kinds of designs and interiors are you involved with and what services do you offer?

White Cloud Design is a landscape design firm. We work on residential design, custom residential design, ranch design, parks, public work projects, and project branding.

What geographic area do you serve?

White Cloud Design offers service anywhere in the country. Most of our projects are in the Northwest.

How has design changed in the last two to three years, both in terms of types of projects and the approach to those projects?

We have seen a shift back to complete project designs. Clients are not just planning for their home design, but also for the rest of the property to fully integrate our designs into the overall picture. Even if the budget is not immediately available to realize the entire design plan, clients see the value in producing a master plan, which can be implemented over time to ensure the finished product they want. In the end this saves time, money, and adds value to the property. Good design solutions and assure that provisions are set up for future additions.

How does your team work?

White Cloud Design enjoys the design process and collaborating with other design and trade professionals. It is all about each member of the team lending expertise to ensure the success of a project. We are savvy in many aspects of the building process and keep up on current technology, materials, systems, and control integration. By seeing the big picture and understanding all the parts of a project we lend great value for our clients. We go far beyond what services many landscape design professionals offer. Our loyal following of repeat and referral clientele is the best indicator of this.

To what level of design do you get involved?

Our services are customized to the demands of each project and can range from producing basic site design/ landscape plans to assisting in the city approval process, and coordinating with homeowner associations or government entities. Our work also ranges from mid-level design development to highly detailed outdoor spaces. We also handle construction administration to assure our designs are constructed to the highest of industry standards. We pride ourselves on being able to produce accurate documentation in a timely manner and for a fair price. Our services are adapted to each project and the desires of our clients. We prefer to be involved from the beginning of a project and to assist in all aspects of the development, from siting a home, to grading and drainage, retaining walls, hardscape, outdoor living rooms, water features, irrigation, planting, low voltage lighting, controls and even custom hot pools. Our knowledge in a wide range of aspects of construction and outdoor design is one of our strengths.

White Cloud Design is a landscape design company specializing in detailed and sustainable residential landscape design throughout the West. Based out of Whitefish, Montana, the team at White Cloud strives to seamlessly integrate homes into their surrounding landscape with ecological designs that fit the character of the home and their clients. While they specialize in residential design, White Cloud’s design and consulting services range from ranch landscape design, to trail branding, water shaping, lakeshore permitting, HOA design approvals, green roof design, sign sitting and integration, and site land use planning.