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What brings excitement and ambition into the work of an interior designer? For Susan Flynt of Embellish, it is looking at a project and realising the potential for what she can bring to a client’s home.

The world recognises talent by what they see, taste, hear and read. Great bakers are recognised by their pastries and the genius of artists is found in paintings. For designers, their art is realised when a house is transformed into a home. The interior spaces in Susan’s home are useful measures of success in design. Embellish, her newly launched design firm, exemplifies her natural eye and love for home design. Susan has realised the finished product of turning dirt into a home several times.

Embellish extends an interesting offering of services. First, of course, is a full spectrum of design services for a home. Color, textures, materials, design theme, exterior finishes, woodwork, doors, cabinets, furnishings—all the things that make a home whole and complete–come into play.

A special service Embellish offers is procuring architectural elements. Susan has collected beautifully carved doors, headers, arches, metal works and other remarkable pieces to make her homes personal. She is keyed into the best sources. “Architectural elements work so well in a home and they tend to not be very expensive. These elements are eye candy; they add character and interest, and offer great stories to tell about their discovery.”
“I am not committed to a style. I like to unify the interior and exterior with continuity in elements. I appreciate materials and finishes reflecting a client’s taste in architecture and design. In this day, designers have so much access to finishes and furniture from all over the US and the world. I find it so much fun to incorporate elements from the client’s travel experiences both worldwide and local.”
Many locals are familiar with Susan and Jerry Flynt’s Gimlet home, including from the 2007 Tour of Homes, a 2008 Sun Valley Magazine article on innovative children’s rooms, and a recent MTV profile on “Teen Cribs.” Their home, showcases what you can expect from Embellish.

“My approach to design is that clients will be able to say, “This is my home.” I want their home to be more than a place to eat and sleep. A home should be designed to reflect their lifestyle and to fit their daily routines, 24-7. A well thought out home can help with everyday stress, and bring personal joy to what they have created specifically for themselves.

I want them to wake up every morning and feel good about going for their first cup of coffee. I want them to walk in their front door (or probably more appropriately their side door) and feel like they are home. I want them to feel their home is their safe haven and the place they can go to regroup from all of the demands of everyday life. I want their home to tell a story and to show the world through provocative elements how interesting they are, and how they had a part of the creation of their home.”

“I also find one of the joys of design is working with children to create what they want in their room; a room that will be the backdrop of their memories of home, family, and where they belong. If OK with the parents, these are spaces that should reflect the personality of the child and not necessarily be congruous in color and design with the main home interiors. This gives the children a sense of ownership in their home, and it offers them a sanctuary from the demands of school, sports and everyday life.”

Susan also enjoys consulting with clients who want to freshen or update their interiors. “I approach this type of design by focusing on retaining their existing pieces and interesting design elements of their home. Pieces with attachment tell their stories and work to make their homes personal,” noted Susan. “I am happy to do either a one-time or ongoing consultation and discuss what is important to them and outline a course of action. Sometimes just moving things around give a space a great new feel.”

Embellish also offers staging services for houses on the market; extending from accessories to furnishings. As so many have found, a well staged home attracts buyers and helps them see the potential of the house turning into a home. em•bel•lish, llc may be reached by calling Susan Flynt at 208.720.1385 or emailing: embellishsv@gmail.com

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