M design and Interiors


What do you specialize in?

Laura Morawitz: Our area of expertise runs the gamut from the inception of an idea and the ensuing construction consultation to the finishing touches of a space. We pay attention to every detail to make the home embody our clients’ vision of the space that they dreamed about.

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Megan : I grew up in Chicago and design was always a part of my life. I knew I wanted to study design from a young age and I received a post-graduate degree from the New York School of Design.

“We really are interpreters—interpreters of our clients’ visions—We listen and translate their dreams into a real, artful space that is meant to be lived in.” -Laura Morawitz

Where do you find inspiration?

Laura: My inspiration comes from memories of the interiors I’ve seen. I was born in Manhattan, later raised in Atlanta and Charleston, South Carolina, and I have lived all over the West coast and now I live in Idaho. I’ve also lived in Australia and Europe and travelled a lot there. I’ve been in a lot of amazing houses, and I have mental notes on all of them. Whether it was the most simple shack on the beach in Tasmania, an old house of architectural significance, or an amazing new house in Southampton, I refer to memories of these places all the time when I am working.

Megan: I find inspiration in the way we work. The first step is talking to clients—listening to them and really hearing what they hope for the space. The vision of each client inspires me to create something totally unique for that project.

Do you have favorite materials, fabrics, patterns, or design principles or a style you prefer or are known for?

Laura & Megan: It is important to mix up your materials. Wood, metal, glass—you need a combination of different raw materials to lay your foundation. Then it is the layering of the textiles through walls, upholstery, curtains, pillows, throws. That’s how you build a room and then, depending on the client’s style or their view of their art collection, you introduce the color and pattern. I often use wallpaper to build a room, sometimes something really bold or a solid that offers warmth and texture. Layering doesn’t have to look busy or overdone. It is like reducing a sauce. People may not even know how many times you reduced it, but the sauce won’t taste finished without the extra time and effort you put towards it. We are obsessed right now with menswear-inspired tweed fabrics and are fervent believers in mixing thrift with couture.

What do you most enjoy about helping people create a home or business that reflects their lifestyle?

Megan: The client’s appreciation and excitement at the end of a project is rewarding. As designers, it is our job to “channel” the client’s style and then execute. The most exciting projects are when we’ve created the client’s dream, not our dream for them.

Laura: We really are interpreters—interpreters of our clients’ visions—we listen and translate their dreams into a real, artful space that is meant to be lived in.


M Design and Interiors, recently launched by Megan Dawson and Laura Morawitz, is a full-service design firm specializing in both building consultation and interior design services. With over 20 years of experience and projects spanning from Hawaii to New York, the designers’ forte is their ability to successfully interpret each client’s unique vision. About their endeavor, Dawson says, “We love the challenge each project presents whether it be the puzzle of the remodel or the tight budget of an elaborate home.” Her partner, Laura, adds, “We work closely with our clients, architects, and builders to help perfect the desired outcome. Ultimately, We make design fun!”