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Airmada Smart Homes integrate customized technology services, whole home automation, home theater, audio and video systems, and networking

Damon Roth, owner and CEO of Airmada Smart Homes recounts a recent meeting of the leaders in his industry that underscored to him that he choose to offer the right product, Savant. “As I sat in a hotel meeting hall in the heart of San Francisco, I looked around at an impressive gathering of the best home system integration dealers in the United States. The list is distinguished and many of the owners have graced covers of leading industry magazines. It makes me smile to think how far my company, Airmada Smart Homes, has come in the last eight years. More than 300 like-minded professionals have come to listen to the most progressive and in-demand product manufacturer available for home automation and control, Savant. Savant put together a two-day seminar for their exclusive dealers to keep us up to speed on the latest changes and enhancements for their product line,” he explains.

Asked about the events that preceded the seminar, Roth kicks back and spins the story. “It was three years ago that Savant introduced their system. What seemed like an industry disaster by launching on an Apple-based operating system ended up being an absolute homerun. After Apple introduced the iPad, the Savant System’s growth and demand exploded. Consumers are asking for Savant by name because of its incredible reliability, simplicity and value. The days of $3,000 touch panels are long gone. Now our clients are able to control every aspect of their home’s mechanical, electrical, audio, video and security systems from a $499 iPad. At Airmada, we have been installing and maintaining Savant systems since the beginning.”

One iPad is sold every 1.5 seconds,” Roth continues. “Why would this be relevant to Savant and Savant dealers? With over 19.5 million iPads in the marketplace today, there is a level of familiarity to millions of people. The ease of what’s called swipe functionality in the iPad has brought a level of comfort to the home automation industry. Our clients are no longer intimidated with the interaction of a touch panel. Using the iPad, iPhone or iTouch is now an experience that is familiar and comfortable for the user.”

Bob Madonna, the CEO and a founder of Savant spoke about the latest innovations at Savant home control systems at that seminar. Damon Roth sums up the impacts of what will be coming. “For instance, the introduction of a home phone system that ties into Savant’s software seamlessly. It will allow phone calls to follow house members anywhere they go. Whether it’s a phone call from a handset or a call to your iPhone, it’s all tied together. Imagine, someone rings the doorbell at your Aspen home and you are in your New York apartment. With Savant’s new phone system and your iPhone, you can instantly see who’s at your front door and talk to them,” Roth explains.

Asked about the full potential of Savant, Damon Roth shakes his head and smiles. “Another feature that has us really excited is the new Energy Monitor,” says Roth. “This Energy Monitor attaches to each circuit in your house and will graphically chart your home’s energy use. Easy to read gauges and history reports keep a homeowner informed of their power consumption in real time. The system even has a built-in home monitoring trigger. For example, if the system recognizes that the power consumption of an appliance has fallen too low for too long, a text message will be sent saying something like: Reschedule your water heater to only come on at non-peak electrical times to offset expenses and maximize your home’s efficiency. All of this can be done from your iPhone or iPad.”

“Imagine, someone rings the doorbell at your Aspen home and you are in your New York apartment. With Savant’s new phone system and your iPhone, you can instantly see who’s at your front door and talk to them.”

“Remote access to your home can be established from the iPhone or the iPad to a Savant-controlled system from anywhere in the world. Checking cameras, temperatures and setting the vacation mode for lighting have been available for a while,” Roth says as he notes more possibilities. “Soon, all of these features will be accessible from a webpage. Just log in from any computer and you’ll have full control of your home and access to all its data from wherever you happen to be in the world.”

There seems to be no end to what Savant and an iPad can accomplish, and it is clear that Damon embraces the technology. “As my wife and I flew back from San Francisco to our home just outside of Aspen, I opened up my iPad and flipped through all of the choices I have from this little device. I could choose to read a book, watch a movie or play a game. I briefly chuckled to myself to think how amazing it is that not only does the iPad fuel my entertainment, it also drives my business and makes so many of our clients happy,” Roth concludes.

Damon Roth welcomes customers interested in exploring the new possibilities available from Savant. See how today’s technology can streamline your life, at he touch of a button.

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