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Exceptional architecture and personal attention at the forefront of every design
By Julie Bielenberg

Through passion, experience, talent and commitment, Brewster McLeod Architects is able to provide the perfect design experience and outcome, allowing each client to tell their story that will come to fruition with the firm’s talents. “Having gone start to finish on a project in Telluride, I have found Jamie’s attention to certain details critical to her success,” explains S. Scott Brown, a client of Brewster McLeod Architects in Telluride, Colorado. Brown goes on to say, “Her single client focus during the design phase of a project in conjunction with listening, speed and flexibility during design and construction was invaluable. She is extremely technically enabled and understands cost and value relationships, while maintaining superb design. Most of all, it is her gift of combining space, form, texture and the environment into beautiful, unique livable homes.”

Allowing individuals to express their specific tastes provides Brewster McLeod Architects the necessary tools to envision their ideal lifestyle design. Exceptional architecture and customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of every project, resulting in uniquely timeless and functional designs. It is the mastery of these skills that has provided growth and success for this up-and-coming firm, Brewster McLeod Architects.

The boutique architecture firm, Brewster McLeod Architects, celebrates five years of growing success in the Aspen and Telluride markets. The promise behind this accomplishment is due to two critical aspects of the firm’s directive: outstanding design and customer service. Jamie L. Brewster McLeod, principal, understands the importance of one-on-one attention and the individual and unique interests of her clients. “We use Brewster McLeod Architects because they are creative and inspired a design that reflected the way that we wanted to live in our home. We have built several homes and Jamie L. Brewster McLeod is a great listener and is the most talented residential architect that we have ever worked with,” notes the Faktorows of Aspen.

When you are a client of Brewster McLeod Architects, you interact directly with Jamie to discuss your hopes and aspirations throughout the entire project—you are able to speak directly with the artist behind your masterpiece. Personalizing designs and inspiring clients to achieve their dream home is the driving force of her firm. An open communication channel has proved time and again that the best design results from collaboration between the architect and client.

‘Brewster McLeod Architects celebrates five successful years combining space, form, texture and the environment into
beautiful and unique livable homes’

The mountain firm specializes in larger luxury custom homes. Many of these projects include materials, tools and techniques that reduce carbon footprints and facilitate energy-efficient homes. The diverse design styles vary depending on each individual client’s dreams, desires and aspirations. From mountain classic, contemporary mountain, and natural rustic to cabin chic design, these are just a few of the residential styles in the firm’s portfolio. Every unique project allows Brewster McLeod Architects to create a unified interior and exterior combination that provides the framework to capture that personal dialogue. Whether this means a lavish pool cabana on a mountain hillside or a tree house along the riverbanks, the firm has mastered the juxtaposition of understanding original requests paired with the ultimate design for their lifestyle. No two people are alike, and thus no two designs are alike either.

Brewster McLeod Architects
117 S Monarch St Aspen, CO
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