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Margot Hampleman, founder of Colorado’s go-to tile showroom, Decorative Materials, has unequivocally paved the way in the tile & stone industry by consistently reinventing ‘classic.’ Mixing brilliant patterns and subtle textures, Margot continues to bring exquisitely opulent designs and materials to any project. As you enter a Decorative Materials showroom, you find yourself immersed in breathtakingly bold geometric patterns, sexy metallics, and stunning organic textures. With an inspiring aesthetic environment, Decorative Materials provides creative solutions sure to satisfy any request.

How it all Began

What started as an innocent love affair with building a home blossomed passionately into a tile empire. Over two decades ago, Hampleman made the journey to Aspen with two tile lines packed into her car. What started as a one-woman show has bloomed into a three-showroom enterprise with locations in Basalt, Denver, and Vail. Decorative Materials currently represents over sixty tile and stone lines as well as a full array of vanities, tubs and bath accessories. Their projects range from single bath remodels to high-end residential to light commercial and hospitality.

Not just a Tile Shop

Decorative Material’s creative solutions rely on an exclusive collection of timeless products and unparalleled hands-on service by identifying each client’s highest priorities and carefully selecting each component. The firm’s wide variety of custom products assures each project will be personal and unique. Decorative Materials takes it a step further by offering CAD drawings and 3D ArtiCAD drawings to assist clients in visualizing the final product. “It is amazing how many issues can be eliminated when you lay it out on paper beforehand!” says Margot.

Tips from a pro

“When starting your design conquest whether it’s a remodel or for your new home, it’s important to decide beforehand what types of materials you are comfortable with and what you are trying to achieve within your space. Make sure you consider what level of maintenance and care you are willing to devote to your surfaces, this will help you to choose your finishes” says Hampleman. Once you’ve selected your materials it is most important to hire a reputable installer. “I’ve seen lower price point materials brought to life from a good install and also gorgeous materials completely fade from a bad install” says Hampleman. A good installation will not only be appealing to the eye, it will also ensure that your space will age properly and you will not experience issues down the line.

Right now: color, pattern, texture and size

Missoni prints, Ikat woven textiles, and Tribal prints are leading the way right now in both fashion and interiors. Bold colors accented with calm neutrals create a modern space with personality. What used to be found only in wall coverings has translated into tile, stone, concrete and glass materials. Textured neutrals are a way to add interest to a monochromatic space. Mixing the same stone in several finishes creates a soothing spa-like atmosphere with an updated style. It also allows the homeowner that likes change to easily switch paint colors in the bath to create a new environment without replacing finishes.

“Large format is in high demand now as well – the bigger the better,” Hampleman says. Europe is leading this trend with tile as large as 48”x48” and 36”X72” coming out of both Italy and Holland. Decorative Materials recommends carrying the same product throughout to create a seamless union and blur the line between interior and exterior while creating an outdoor living space. Large-format porcelain with a slight texture is a perfect solution for outdoor living spaces in the Colorado climate. “Porcelain tile is a great alternative to natural stone when looking for exterior applications. It is thinner and weighs less, requires little to no maintenance, and can be used with radiant heating systems,” says Jenn Duany, Basalt Showroom Manager.


The team at Decorative notes that clients are increasingly selecting products that are sustainable and easy to care for. “We live in a beautiful state and are conscious of our environment so we prefer to select materials that are eco-friendly when suitable” says Hampleman. Decorative Materials carries an abundance of sustainable selections and are available to help incorporate them into your design selections.

Whether you’re smitten with luxe patterns or calmed by simple geometries, or somewhere in between, you’ll find it worth your while to visit one of Decorative’s three showrooms, in Basalt, Denver, or Vail. Immersed in the layers of a home design project, take the time and care to enjoy the enchantment of colors, textures, and possibilities. With the guidance of a keen design team creating fresh synergy in the realm of tile and stone, you are sure to be delighted.

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