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Matthew Campbell, Owner/CEO, of Campbell Audio Video, Inc. has been excelling in the audio video and home automation industry for 23 years. With projects throughout the continental United States, Campbell Audio Video, Inc. is constantly seeking out the latest innovation in home automation.

In 2008, Campbell Audio Video introduced Savant technology to its existing customers. According to Campbell, the feedback was amazing; “Savant uses the advantages of Apple technology to allow the consumer to control multiple aspects of their homes; lighting, climate control, audio/visual, security, and communications. At Campbell Audio Video, we strive to provide our clients the latest advances in cutting edge technology for use in their everyday lives; Savant seamlessly integrates with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch products to allow our customers to control smart home technology with a user interface that they are already familiar with. Most electronics consumers are Mac savvy; they use Apple technology in their day to day lives. Being able to offer them the option to use that same technology in conjunction with the revolutionary Savant whole home automation system was a real break through.”

Campbell explains, “Savant’s Apple-based control system is sleek, progressive, and easy to use. At CAV, we are proud to offer a product that is constantly seeking to expand its automation and control options; Savant does that. The Apple based system is designed to be completely customizable, scalable, and expandable. It can be tailored specifically to each of our clients needs, from a luxurious media room to a streamlined, efficient smart home.” According to Campbell, “the reliability, simplicity, and efficiency of the Savant system is unparalleled in today’s market.”

When asked about the different applications of the Savant system, Campbell is happy to explain, “With Savant, Campbell Audio Video is able to offer a broad spectrum of integrated products and services, from new construction to existing remodels, both commercial and residential; we work with architects and developers to deliver an end product that every client is pleased with. An automation system should make your life easier, not complicate it, with Savant you can control practically every aspect of your home or office from anywhere in the world through your iPhone or iPad.”

Even in today’s economy, Campbell Audio Video has seen an increase in demand for home automation systems. Campbell elaborates, “We see a lot of second home owners coming into the Valley with the desire to introduce home automation into their new construction or revamp an existing system with a more efficient, reliable system such as Savant.” While much of this is new business, the relationships that CAV has built with their existing customers and developers account for a significant portion of this growth. Campbell notes that many of CAV’s projects stem from a broad referral base. Adding that, “Our clients have second homes all over the world. We are able to cater to this market and provide unsurpassed service to second home owners because of our experience, knowledge, and superior product performance.”

With so many years in the industry, Campbell has seen pretty much everything when it comes to automation technology.

One product he is genuinely impressed with is the TrueImage technology offered by Savant. Campbell elucidates, “Savant has taken control to a whole different level with TrueImage. Using the Apple iPad, customers are able to bring up a room in their home or office and control multiple aspects of the room by touching the actual image on the iPad. If you want to turn on a light, touch the light on the photo and the light will turn on at the specific location as well as on the iPad screen confirming execution of the command.”

Campbell notes that this type of technology truly coincides with today’s mobile lifestyle. He explains, “Home/office control is now possible from virtually anywhere in the world. Savant has taken what used to be a room-to room technology and expanded that concept to global accessibility. For instance, within Savant’s TrueControl application is a remote access feature called Savant Mobile, which provides customers with full control of any integrated feature within their home or office from halfway across the world.” Campbell’s eyes brighten, “Imagine flying to a business meeting in Hong Kong and being able to draw the shades, control room temperature, or turn on the security system at your Aspen residence all with your iPhone or iPad. Savant’s pioneering technology has made that possible and all of us at Campbell Audio Video are pleased to provide our clients that level of sophistication within our home automation systems.”

When asked what sets Campbell Audio Video apart from other home automation solutions providers, Campbell is quick to respond, “We believe that our experienced staff, unparalleled product offerings, hands on project management, and superior customer service are what make us unique. Being a full service Savant dealer exemplifies our commitment to excellence as well as to the automation industry through innovative, revolutionary design and technology.”

With a home base in the Roaring Fork Valley, nestled between the mountain towns of Glenwood and Aspen, Colorado, the staff at Campbell Audio Video continually strive to exceed client expectations through exceptional service; an intuitive, reliable product line; creative consultation; and skilled installation/design. Please visit campbellaudiovideo. com for more information on products and services, or call to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

For more information call 970.366.6555 or visit them online at

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