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Paul David Cathers likes things simple. For someone immersed in the intricate world of interior design, that could prove challenging. He could be juggling countless fabric samples, contemplating limitless details, directing numerous employees, and formulating endless possibilities for his clients. But somehow, through it all, he manages to make it seem, well…simple. By Kirsten H. Michel


As the founder of Cathers Home, the premier full- service interior design firm located 19 miles north of Aspen in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley, Cathers streamlines living spaces and lifestyles for a diverse clientele. Every finished project cultivates the synthesis of rich materials, inviting textures, and simplicity to evoke a calm familiarity. “I gravitate toward warm, clean lines,” he explains. His less- is-more approach is reflected within a portfolio of many successful design endeavors.

Success began for Cathers as a young adult. His travels as an international model introduced him to diverse cultures and colorful personalities around the globe. These ventures eventually fostered what has become a thriving business for him today. “My experience in the field of the fashion industry grounds my creativity with a deep passion for design,” he explains.

Ultimately, Cathers combined natural design fundamentals with his appreciation for international flare. Constantly inspired by “the elements and surroundings,” he continues his travels abroad searching for handcrafted, distinctive furniture, rugs and accessories to add to his array of product offerings. His cache is imported from such faraway lands as Nepal, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and beyond.

Headquartered in Basalt, Colorado, the 7,000 square-foot combined retail showroom, design center and rug gallery are a testament to Cathers’ uncomplicated accomplishments. Here, he and his in-house team of professional designers, instill a harmonious blend of diverse home furnishings and designer rugs throughout the space. Their efforts result is an orderly environment that can fuse into just about any design. “We all typically have a lot of clutter in our lives,” he says, “but I like to create spaces that do not clutter the mind and space.” He adds, “Design should make you feel warm and comfortable.”

Cathers retains a proficient staff that is knowledgeable, dedicated, and ready to assist in all phases of any design venture. Whether residential, commercial or hospitality, they collectively oversee all project details, following a specific budget, to make the process seamless. Utilizing their vast resources, they are able to procure any wish or need. In most cases, if a component is not already in production, they will have it custom made. It is custom design that sets them apart.

Understanding the niche for custom- designed furnishings has Cathers currently embarking on a new venture. Being conscious of the planet, Cathers Home has always supported minimal environmental impact by minimizing the use of newly harvested trees, and reducing materials that become waste. Creating new from old, reclaimed materials realize new life. Cathers’ new exclusive line integrates found wood that is aged and incorporates different elements, such as metal, to achieve a contemporary design. Already, he has completed projects for his clients including beautifully crafted doors, cabinetry, furniture, and more. “Each piece is inspired by the elements and natural surroundings and represents ideas found and storied through travel,” he explains. “We are offering the best of both worlds: items of timeless beauty in a sustainable format.”

All in all, Cathers Home, your premier one-stop interior design center, offers a world of possibilities from timeless mountain elegance to contemporary design. Simply put, choosing Cathers Home means you will get exactly what you expect while naturally setting yourself apart.

530 Basalt Ave . Basalt CO
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