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Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend House and Mountains

Building Your Vision

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When you have a distinct vision of your dream home, you need a builder who can transform your inspirations into a real-life creation.

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Living Room

Chris Christianson prioritizes client relationships and effortless decision-making. His company, Sunrise Construction of Oregon, presents a unique time-saving process to his clients to alleviate the stress and insecurities created by the decision-making process so that they can focus on what’s most important—infusing themselves, their loves, and their styles into their homes and watching their visions become reality.

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Living Room and Mountains

Striving to give the best experience to his clients, Christianson was able to simplify the building process by adding a 2,000-square-foot showroom and sister company, Sunrise Interiors. A boutique company offers a private environment with a broad assortment of top-line products and numerous choices in tile, wood flooring, hardware, and everything in between under one roof. With everything in one location, clients can relax, take their time, and enjoy the aura. Sunrise eliminates having to go to multiple vendors and locations, which saves valuable time, unneeded stress, and allows for more control over cost and logistics.

Continuing to offer only the best, Christianson also introduces clients to Dani Bearup, an exceptionally creative and organized designer from his team who is available to Sunrise Construction clients for inspiration, brainstorming, or just reassurance.

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Kitchen

“Dani truly listens to what we say and gives her honest opinion,” says one Oregon couple, the Smiths, who have a custom home in Aspen Lakes.

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Entry

Christianson also builds from a different lens. His wife, Chamese, owns another boutique company, Legacy Realty. Legacy was one of Central Oregon’s top 10% real estate companies in 2019. The firm primarily focuses on luxury properties and new construction. This gives Christianson a building edge; he can stay on top of market trends and also support and guide his clients towards timeless value and equity in their homes.

“We were impressed with Chris and Dani’s patience and balance in keeping us focused and organized during the entire process and their ability to help blend both of our unique tastes into one home.”
–The Barbours, Broken Top Development Home Owner

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Sink

Christianson maintains a holistic approach for all his projects, whether he’s constructing a build-ready house or realizing hand-drawn sketches. He likes being involved from the very beginning, from the lot selection onto initial design and throughout the entire build of the home. You will often find him on his sites walking his clients through their imaginative home, looking out invisible windows and opening pretend ovens and refrigerators before the foundation is even poured. Listening to his clients and learning what is important to them from the beginning helps Christianson deliver the perfect home.

Each one of Sunrise Construction’s homes takes advantage of its scenery and coexists with its surroundings, whether it is catching the Cascade Mountains like a painted picture as you proceed down a driveway or looking face to face with Monkey Face when you enter the front door. Or it might just be a wall of sliding glass doors inviting the Sisters National Forest inside. Whatever the design choice, Christianson integrates the natural landscapes into the indoor setting. He utilizes features that frame astonishing views or decks and patios so that “the great outdoors” is at the center of a family’s unique lifestyle This allows them to take advantage of the 300+ days of sunshine in the area. Christianson states, “These details do not happen by accident but are intentional.” A variety of different outdoor spaces and particular placements of windows make for careful considerations of the region’s dramatic temperature shifts.

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Kitchen 2

“I have always had the ability to talk through a person’s visions and desires and bring them to life. I take a creative approach to building and personally build a piece of every home.”
–Chris Christianson, Founder, Sunrise Construction

Christianson and his team have built several award-winning homes in the Ranch at the Canyons, Brasada Ranch, Awbrey Butte, Tree Farm, Broken Top, Aspen Lakes, Sunriver, Pronghorn, NorthRim, as well as throughout Central Oregon. Christianson has been part of the Central Oregon community since he was a child and has established lasting relationships. “Our relationships with local reliable subcontractors, tradesmen, and support staff is what strengthens our team and helps us execute completion dates and come in on budget,” he shares.

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Garage and Front Door

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Shower

The team’s attention to detail and unique approach is only a small part of what makes Sunrise Construction of Oregon so rare. One truly knows they have a Sunrise Construction home if there is a story to tell. Christianson’s creativity is always captured in each home with one unique piece that he builds personally. It may be a herringbone range hood made of reclaimed barn wood or a sink carved out of a hand-hewn beam, or maybe it’s an island made of barn wood that still holds a bullet casing and features dramatic steelwork.

“I have always had the ability to talk through a person’s visions and desires and bring them to life. I take a creative approach to building and personally build a piece of every home. I truly consider myself unique in the industry because of this approach… We don’t copy what is on Houzz, we create the images for Houzz,” says Christianson.

“We don’t copy what is on Houzz, we create the images for Houzz.”
–Chris Christianson, Founder, Sunrise Construction

Sunrise Construction of Oregon- Bend Patio