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Finding Original Western Art in Bozeman & Big Sky

Finding Original Western Art in Bozeman & Big Sky Smooch

“Smooch” by Carol Hagan
Old Main Gallery

129 East Main Street | Bozeman, MT | 406.587.8860
Oil & cold wax on glass. “My paintings of horses on glass are a series of intimate portraits. A more abstract use of brush strokes, line work, raw form, and sculptural marks, conveys my efforts to portray the inner spirit of the horse.” 26” x 30”

Finding Original Western Art in Bozeman & Big Sky Horse 16

“Horse 16” by Miles Glynn
Dawn Josephine

5 East Main Street | Bozeman, MT | 406.404.1488
Based in Belgrade, Montana, Miles Glynn captures the evocative spirit of the natural and rural American West. Featuring a horse photographed on the edge of the Little Bighorn National Battlefield in Montana, this photo-composite is also layered with photographed wallpaper from an abandoned homestead on the northern prairie of Montana. 24” x 36” $800

Finding Original Western Art in Bozeman & Big Sky Blanket

Navajo Women’s Blanket Second Phase, Late Classic
Sundog Fine Art

17 East Main Street | Bozeman, MT | 406.587.0500
BThis blanket, made around 1865, is as vital and alive as the day it was made. The wool, dyed with indigo for the blue, cochineal for the red, along with natural coloration in the whites and browns are all combined to make this a truly stunning  work of art. The Navajo weaver who wove this piece over 150 years ago was without a doubt an extremely talented artist.  35.5” x 52”

Finding Original Western Art in Bozeman & Big Sky Regal

“Regal” by Kira Fercho
Western Art Forum

32  Town  Center  Avenue |  Big  Sky. MT | 406. 661. 1030
Since she was a little girl, artist Kira Fercho has been in love with the Mona Lisa. Her oil painting of this Blackfoot woman has not only a face, but a personality that evokes mystery– a native version of Leonardo da Vinci’s classic. 5’  x 4’ Painter and gallery owner Kira Fercho is currently taking custom orders for spring and summer 2018.

Finding Original Western Art in Bozeman & Big Sky Abstract Crow Tipi

“Abstract Crow Tipi” by Kevin Red Star
Creighton Block Gallery

88 Ousel Falls Road | Big Sky, MT | 406.993.9400
Acrylic on canvas. A vision of the night sky as might be seen looking up from the inside of a beautifully painted tipi. The crosses represent the four directions and the red triangles depict the mountains. 48” x  72” $42,000