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Finding Custom Pieces Created by Bind

Design-Build Custom Fabrication


Reclaimed Oak Bench

This reclaimed oak was used to support the old Cactus records building and dates back over 100 years. To his dismay, Jesse Hart of BIND found them wrapped in drywall but rescued and repurposed them. He brought these massive columns and beams back to the BIND shop for future projects. He lightly sanded and finished some of them with a natural oil. The steel legs have a black magic patina and wax. A jewel hidden on Main Street has been reborn.


Ash Exterior Dining Set

Supported by powder-coated, steel legs and supports, this dining set holds up to the Montana outdoors. The flat-cut ash tabletop and benches give the surfaces a smooth feel and clean look. Marine-grade oil seals the woodwork for a lasting outdoor furniture piece.


Forged Steel Rose

Ben Holmquist, BIND’s metal artist, creates “realism-steel” fabrications. While hardened metal may seem antithetical to the softness of a flower, these pieces have a delicate feel with brushed brass, textured stalks, and thin petals. Beyond décor, Holmquist uses steel to create pieces with every day uses such as ice picks and cabinet door pulls. Whether whimsical or practical, BIND envisions and creates one-of-a-kind treasures.


Rancher’s Ride Monument

An alternative trophy mount, this horse head and neck sculpture is an artwork in steel. Brass-brushed and flame-painted, the piece exudes all the majesty of equines. Where to perch this character? Over the fireplace mantel? As a greeter at the front door? Or on entry gate?


Rustic Steel Fireplace Doors

With steel that is hammer textured with black magic patina and wax, the frame and doors evoke the old West. The ember-rated woven steel mesh doors are heat treated to age the mesh and match the frames. Nostalgic. Practical. Enduring.