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McGinnis Homes brings a fresh, energetic view toward general contracting.
By Ann Zimmerman

McGinnis Homes builds to a higher level of standards and quality and does so with professionalism and enthusiasm. Founder and owner Samson McGinnis is an experienced professional with a strong handle on schedule, controlling costs, and keeping the homeowner on top of the project. McGinnis Homes embraces the newest in technologies while operating on the old-fashioned premise of hard work and personal integrity.

Hands-on approach

Samson McGinnis can usually be found on-site. “I have a hands-on management approach. My clients have a single point of contact that makes communications and decisions straightforward. Additionally, by being at the site so frequently, I have gotten to know my subcontractors well. I know how capable they are and how well they meet challenges, and, most importantly, I trust their abilities.”
For his clients, this hands-on approach makes building a home a positive experience. Samson McGinnis is just adding the final touches to Lundy and Mary Wright’s new mountain rustic home in the Colony. “Other people warned us of the stress and problems of building a home. For us, it was a pleasure working with Samson from beginning to end,” Mary says, as she recounts her experience.

McGinnis Homes provides a tightly knit team that provides the kind of service that people should expect for creating their personalized luxury homes. In a recent recommendation, Mary Wright calls out Samson McGinnis’s integrity, saying she found him completely trustworthy, and she adds, “Samson is a perfectionist in the best sense of the word, and he is able to motivate all those participating in the project to give their best. Our home has exceeded our expectations; we are ahead of schedule on our deadlines and coming in right on budget.”

Commitment to schedule

There isn’t an aspect of home construction that is a better indicator of a contractor’s management skills than schedule. There is seriousness when Samson jokes about the fine line between being on time and being late, and that’s why he opts for being early. Not long ago, McGinnis Homes completed a 7,500-square-foot luxury home within the ambitious schedule of just nine months. Accomplishing this can be attributed in part to his hands-on management style and ferocious commitment, but additionally Samson McGinnis has an ability augmented by his 12 years of experience to envision a home from framing to completion that allows him to anticipate and prevent problems that undetected could cause delays and overruns.
Budget and schedule are closely linked, and Samson McGinnis has built up his management skills for tightly controlling costs through experience. “For many years I built speculative homes for myself and investors. It taught me the discipline to stay on budget and on time—not allowing failure in my schedule. I understand the owners’ point of view better, and I know how to avoid the pitfalls that can take a project off course.”

Quality in finishes and performance

McGinnis Homes has completed homes ranging in style from contemporary to mountain rustic, and is accomplished in the diverse detailing required for creating this range of designs. Common to all these styles is energy performance.
“Energy performance, whether someone wants a green certification or not, is an indicator of the quality of construction. Also, it adds real value to the home and lowers utility costs.” Samson goes on to explain, “Not every builder brags about what’s behind the drywall, but building homes to a higher standard than what our current codes require us to do is what every passionate builder should do.”
McGinnis2Exemplifying this point, McGinnis Homes is installing continuous insulation in a home currently under construction. Samson explains the benefits of doing so. “Even a well-insulated home built to high performance standards lacks insulation at the studs, and studs can comprise up to 20% of the building envelope. If the owners’ goal is to have a higher performing home, then continuous insulation needs to be one of the priorities.” When asked why this is important, Samson replies, “The best and most cost-effective place to spend money is the building envelope. By using the newest methods and materials available for homes in our climate zone, homes are far more comfortable year round.”

Building a new luxury home with personalized comfort and spaces for enjoying life in the mountains needn’t be stressful, frightening, or difficult, say clients of McGinnis Homes. These clients have experienced working with McGinnis Homes and living in these carefully constructed residences built to last for a very long time.

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