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Montana’s rich history is woven from both boom and bust – swings as dramatic as the region’s weather produce characters with stories of survival and progress. Malmquist Construction thrives on that history. By Alethea Schaus


As our relationships with natural resources change according to local and world events and changing economic systems, so do our relationships with people. And while relationships naturally evolve in form and function, an underlying bond and working trust will abide in the strongest of teams. Casey Malmquist of Malmquist Construction in Whitefish, Montana, says that the ‘three p’s’ – people, process, and product – anchor the motivation, stability, and high-quality custom projects that have been the hallmark of the Malmquist team throughout the past two decades.


The long-standing integrity of the Malmquist team shows in the pride in workmanship on the jobsite and imbues every unique home. Pulling together and maintaining strong relationships through numerous and challenging projects is something for which Malmquist is known. The team values the folks they are able to work with – homeowners, craftspeople, designers, architects, and subcontractors of all kinds – through creative challenge and progress. Collaborative processes bring people together in open communication, producing lasting value for everyone involved.


As part of its meticulous planning process in each custom Malmquist project, the team works with an effective budget-prediction tool, using carefully collected data from the company’s two decades of custom home building. A basic set of initial plans can be run through a costprediction program and produce a realistic forecast in a matter of hours, rather than days. This process has proven workable and accurate for customers over the years, and reduces many of the conflicts and budget surprises of the past. The Malmquist goal is to include and educate every customer throughout the entire process. Clients appreciate the stability and predictability this creates – as well as the spontaneity and truly enjoyable collaboration it affords along the way.


Malmquist Construction has been practicing ‘green’ building since it opened its doors over twenty years ago. Sustainable design and construction practices have largely to due with selecting products that make sense ecologically, siting homes carefully within their environments, and planning ahead for efficient heating, cooling, and lighting systems. By planning well, working with the right people, following a clear and common sense process, and choosing appropriate and long-term products, building ‘green’ is cost-effective and beautiful. The team makes the most of the benefits of technology, and is active in creating innovative solutions for both design and construction. Combining forward thinking with a high regard for old-fashioned common sense, the Malmquist team creates truly integrated, functional, and valuable beauty.

Malmquist Construction continues its tradition here in Montana every day. They’ll be here when you’re ready to begin creating something new from your values and dreams, ready to work with you and the people who will make the process move through with the greatest success. There are a lot of products out there these days. Malmquist Construction is ready to help you create one that is close to your heart – a legacy that embraces your family, and weathers the seasons with grace and warmth – a home, for life.