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 Established in 2001 by interior designer Hunter Dominick, Hunter and Company Interior Design is a full service design firm specializing in residential and resort design in Whitefish, Montana. While growing up, design was always a way of life for Hunter. Following in her father’s footsteps, she studied to be an Interior Designer at Virginia Commonwealth University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Before moving to Whitefish, Hunter worked for a design firm in Colorado and specialized in residential and resort design, working on projects including the Teton Club in Jackson Hole; The Ritz Carlton Club Aspen Highlands; and private residences in Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch. Captivated by the lush natural landscape and many recreational opportunities in the Flathead Valley, Hunter and her family made Whitefish their permanent home.

Hunter & Co. prides itself on their motto of inspiration for creative living.  Interior design is more than what meets the eye. Design is the ultimate art form – the process of taking many elements within the design and understanding each one of them individually, in order to create a larger “piece of art.” A home is a compilation of these various pieces, telling the whole story of a life. When a client asks Hunter & Co. to design their home, the firm is honored to collaborate in creating a personal story through design, infused with the client’s personality, lifestyle, and unique history.

“Inspiration from the beauty and textures found in the surrounding environment is very influential in our designs,” Hunter Dominick explains, adding that her firm incorporates a wide range of styles, from Rustic Elegance to Contemporary.Design influences our daily lives more than many realize and creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space is essential to any good
design. Acknowledging that the spaces designed are those in which clients will create memories and history with their families brings meaning and inspiration to the firm’s work. Hunter & Co. brings added character to any project by integrating the strong history, traditions, and character of Whitefish.

Another long-time passion of Hunter’s is glass blowing. “As long as I can remember, I have always been a hands-on artist – being the first to dig my hands into a bowl of clay or splash paint on a canvas – but what really intrigues me about glass blowing, is that it is the only medium I have come across that I can’t physically touch. It still requires design and thought throughout the process, but not until the final stages does the art piece become a physical object you can touch and enjoy. This is very similar to design. There are so many little steps and processes, each of great importance, but not until the final installation can you truly appreciate the design as a whole.”

The Hunter & Co. 3,500 square foot showroom is home to three experienced designers and a showcase for unique gifts and hard-to-find furnishings from all around the world, as well as a fully stocked design resource library. The showroom is an influential vessel to spark imagination – a great place for clients, designers, local artisans, and vendors to come together to collaborate and create.

“We are lucky to have so many skilled craftsmen here in the area, and are constantly including custom pieces in our designs,” says Hunter. “Some pieces incorporate reclaimed local lumber – it is amazing how much character a single rich piece can bring to an overall design.”

Creating strong working relationships with clients, while working together to create intriguing and unique designs, is Hunter & Co.’s founding vision and ongoing mission. The firm serves many clients throughout the Flathead Valley, as well as in California, Arizona, Virginia, and North Carolina.

“We’re involved in projects from paint and tile selections to furniture selection, custom cabinets, lighting, furniture or art designs, window treatments, slab selection, and lighting layout,” says Dominick.

To Hunter, a great pleasure of the job is in the client’s response – one of her favorites goes something like, “I would never have thought of putting this material palette together, but it really works and I love it!”

When unique and compelling pieces, friendly service, and inspiration are desired elements for your particular and personal story of home, Hunter and Company Interior Design is an important destination in Whitefish. The bright, wasabi-green driftwood horse atop the Hunter & Co. sign is easy to spot on Wisconsin Avenue, right on the way to Whitefish Mountain Resort.

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