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On and Off the Job

by Lori Williams

Revel Real Estate brings an almost holistic approach to one of the most impactful and memorable purchases that people will ever make. The Whitefish-based independent brokerage focuses on recreational properties for corresponding lifestyles, and revels in providing clients with a high-level concierge experience that is completely Montana memorable. Founding Broker, Kelly Laabs, wanted to create a real estate firm that would focus on three principals – a team approach, exceptional customer service, and a true community give-back to support the places where they live, work, and play. “Our goal is to deliver an experience, rather than a service,” explains Laabs. “That means a bespoke approach to every client, every listing, and every interaction – from the way we deliver marketing to the way we interact with clients – each is different, purposeful, and thoughtful. I felt like there was a way to create a better real estate experience. By surrounding myself with hard-working, like-minded people, I’ve become more excited about work, and in turn, have been able to provide a better service to our clients.”

Revel has compiled an incredibly collaborative and passionate team of like-minded agents who genuinely love working together and building relationships. They team up to help each other out every single day, with a positive energy that allows them to deliver a better service to their clients. It’s a culture that in some ways bucks the trends of independent, insular and digitized modern brokerages. “In an over-saturated industry defined by its low barrier to entry, and offices filled with, at times, too many agents to help hit their bottom line, we’re doing it differently,” says Laabs. “Revel is purposefully small and boutique, only bringing on agents who have the right attitude and energy. We have a synergy you can’t replicate outside of these walls. When companies get too big, they lose control of their culture. At Revel, we will always lead with people before profitability.”

“In an over-saturated industry defined by its low barrier to entry, and offices filled with, at times, too many agents to help hit their bottom line, we’re doing it differentlY.”

–Kelly Laabs, Founding Broker, Revel Real Estate


“We want to make sure our clients are getting honest, fact-based information with integrity.”

–Kyna Williams, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Revel Real Estate

The team at Revel maintains extremely high expectations of themselves, the work they do, and what they offer their clients. Says Kyna Williams, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer, who herself pulls from a team-focused 13-year career at Nike, “We call it white-glove service, a thoughtful experience, not just a transaction, with the understanding and customization you won’t find anywhere else.” Driving their exceptional customer service is a keen awareness and knowledge of the Flathead Valley market itself – what they call hyper-local agents with hyper-local knowledge – agents going beyond to tell you the history of any property, when it sold, what it sold for, and why it sold for what it did. “We want to make sure our clients are getting honest, fact-based information with integrity,” says Williams.


Revel currently operates with eight selling agents and maintains an in-house support team consisting of Williams herself, a managing broker, an operations manager, and a transaction coordinator, providing a rare ratio of agent support. Says Williams, “This support allows our agents to do what they’re best at, supporting their clients. It also means that it gives them the necessary down time to do what’s important for themselves. If we can take something off of their plates so they can go for a hike in Glacier with their families, so be it. That will fill their buckets and allow them to do their jobs better, which in turn benefits the brokerage and our clients.”

Perhaps most significant in this team-focused mentality is their community give-back strategy. One percent of the entire Revel team profits are pooled together quarterly, for a much greater impact to carefully vetted organizations. For a small boutique company with only eight working agents, their last donation of over $15,000 is impressive. “We also spend time with the organizations we are giving to, so we can better understand the work they are doing in the community,” says Williams. “Then we are better informed when talking with our clients, who in turn might be looking for ways to give back.”

Revel is bringing their brand to life daily, taking immense pleasure in creating relationships that last far beyond signing on the dotted line. Their welcoming office honors the spirit of Montana, from the enormous mounted bison head to the gorgeous, custom-made tree trunk bar, where you’re always invited to share a drink. “Our Montana-grade personal touch means that we take the time for people; we deliver at a higher level, and we act with integrity,” says Laabs. “We’ll never overlook a carefully executed contract, but equally as important are a handshake – and preferably – a glass of bourbon.” Come on in, the drinks are on Revel.