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District Architecture + Design is a small boutique architecture and design firm based in Kalispell, Montana, and Honolulu, Hawaii. District is passionate about creating spaces, architecture, and experiences that impact clients in a memorable way. District’s philosophy is hands-on and involved in all aspects of the design process, from concept to build-out. They love to brainstorm with their clients and help their vision come through in every phase of the project. District takes pride in delivering a finished product that exceeds expectations.

District Architecture + Design
Rachel Pfister, Architect & Owner

As a registered architect in the states of Montana, Hawaii, and Colorado, Rachel Pfister has more than 20 years of experience in a broad range of design areas including hospitality, retail, commercial, and residential. Some of her most successful projects have been build-outs for small business owners looking to expand into a brick-and-mortar space. Rachel and her team truly care that each client is involved with the process, schedule, and overall success of the design. Rachel and her husband, a Helena native and 20-year veteran of the Coast Guard, recently moved to Kalispell to be closer to family and friends.

What services do you offer?
We offer a full range of services including architecture, interior architecture and interior design, programming, design concepting, and space planning.

What geographic area(s) do you serve?
All of Flathead Valley, Bozeman, and Hawaii.

What is your architectural and educational background?
I did my undergraduate degree in Urban Planning and though I loved it, I quickly found out that I was more interested in architecture and design and went back for my master’s degree in Architecture.

What project(s) are you the most proud of?
We recently completed the interior architecture, interior design, and furniture procurement for a 28,000-square-foot bank branch and headquarters project in Maui, Hawaii. It by far was the largest project we’ve taken on. Though it took over three years through the pandemic to complete, we had an amazing team and client, and we were able to finish over and above the client’s expectations.

Do you have favorite materials or architectural details to use or a style you prefer?
Ceilings. I love introducing ceiling features into the design when the space and budget allows it. Ceilings get overlooked and this is such an important part of a space and a home.

What words do people use to describe your work?
I’ve been told some of the spaces we’ve created are inspiring, clean, beautiful, and creative. We’ve even been fortunate to have people seek us out specifically because of work they have seen around town or on our website. Fuel to keep it up!

What do you enjoy most about designing buildings / houses?
I really don’t have a favorite moment per say in the life of a project, but I feel so lucky to see each project through from design to completion. Each stage has its rewards and challenges but overall, it’s the whole process that is so gratifying.


“I love introducing ceiling features into the design when the space and budget allows it. Ceilings get overlooked and this is such an important part of a space and a home.”
–Rachel Pfister

If you weren’t an architect, what would you be doing?
I would be a graphic designer. I love working with graphic design, logo development, and branding. I think this has been a real benefit when I’ve worked for clients who need their brand and brand identity to be represented in their spaces.

What music do you listen to when you work?
Lately I have been skipping on music and have been listening to nature soundscapes. Flowing rivers and streams are my favorite!

What places in the world do you find most inspirational?
Brazil is one of my favorites. They have such a unique design aesthetic. Beautiful language, art, playful patterns, and textures. Their furniture is a mix of artisan and mid-century and they have amazing civic spaces and architecture.

What is sure to make you laugh?
The show The Office.

Favorite season?
Fall. Not too cold but cold enough to break out all the sweaters and scarves!