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thermahd“We are changing the way the world heats and cools interior and exterior spaces,” says Robert Barmore, founder and CEO of Therma-HEXX. “Our products will change the way structures are built by saving valuable space and making buildings more efficient.”

Therma-HEXX was founded in January 2011 to produce ThermaPAVER, the culmination of five years of research and development by Barmore. ThermaPAVER, which is patent pending, is a versatile heat transfer product designed for use in all climates. It provides building owners, architects, landscapers, roofers, solar installers and builders with a new tool for creating more usable outdoor spaces while lowering maintenance and utility costs.

“ThermaPAVER is a unique product with a wide range of possible applications,” said Barmore. “It makes outdoor spaces more comfortable and functional year round.”

ThermaPAVER is a game changing, insulated, modular, aluminum heat exchanger panel system for use beneath pedestal or ground mounted pavers, stones, cobbles or bricks. The panel system provides many value added features and benefits for paving systems. It also provides high efficiency snow melting using any source of low temperature heat. When 40 degree Fahrenheit or greater, geothermal or waste heat is pumped through the system continuously using Therma-HEXX’s proprietary ThermaFLO V-1 corrosion inhibiting bio glycol, the pavers will stay above freezing at all times in the winter so when snowfall or icing occurs the moisture immediately evaporates and residual moisture dries off the surface.

On heavy snow days, supplemental heat can be added by a heat pump or boiler to boost the temperature of the fluid to a level needed to keep up with the snowfall at a suitable rate. The cost to operate the system is significantly lower than conventional snow removal systems due to the use of low temperature fluid in an even, full surface distribution pattern.

ThermaPAVER converts paved surfaces into solar collectors in warm weather and melts snow and ice in winter conditions at temperatures far lower than those required by existing alternative melting systems. Casey’s Bar in Whitefish, Mont. is the first pedestal mounted ThermaPAVER project, which sought out the product to meet its special needs for snow and ice melting in winter and cooling in summer for the establishment’s rooftop patio. In addition to snow melting in the winter, the system also provides radiant heat to patrons who are enjoying the rooftop deck. In the summer, the system provides a cooler environment by taking the heat from the pavers and dumping the heat into a geothermal system beneath the building. This process lowers the temperature of the rooftop making a more comfortable environment for summer rooftop enjoyment.therma

Therma-HEXX’s product line also includes an indoor heating and cooling technology, ThermaCEILING currently under development based upon the ThermaPAVER design.

ThermaCEILING is a revolutionary, highly efficient radiant heating and cooling product for use in ceilings of various types of construction including suspended acoustic ceiling systems and drywall ceilings. ThermaCEILING utilizes the same patent pending modular heat exchange technology as ThermaPAVER.

ThermaCEILING offers significantly lower operating costs by reducing the system temperature for heating and raising the system temperature for cooling while providing a more comfortable environment. A low profile modular design saves 12 to 18-inches of dead space above the ceiling by eliminating ductwork thus allowing higher ceilings or additional floors to the building. It will also eliminate distribution of airborne contaminants and germs. With ThermaCEILING there are no drafts or uneven heating and cooling and it will heat and cool directly over occupied areas where needed and humidity is controlled by the fresh air make up system, which providing constant, clean and fresh air to the space.

In the spring of 2011, the company received a New Hampshire Green Launching Pad grant from the University of New Hampshire and US Department of Energy, funding that was crucial to establishment of its manufacturing facility and production of its initial product run. ThermaPAVER also received a second prize, a $30,000 award, in the NHHTC’s TechOut Competition in October.

Therma-HEXX located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was honored to receive the New Hampshire High Tech Council’s prestigious Product of the Year Award at the NHHTC’s seventh annual product of the year event Nov. 13, 2012, recognizing the value of many years of product development and the support of the Green Launching Pad program.

New Hampshire Governor Elect Maggie Hassan recently toured the Therma-HEXX facility to see how the Green Launching Pad program has made a significant impact on bringing this important technology to market by supporting this New Hampshire company. Although based in New Hampshire, Therma-HEXX expansion into the Intermountain West region and beyond has made it a highly sourced company for western living and businesses.

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