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Connections & Interactions

Delano Studio Defines Meaningful Spaces

by Jennifer Walton

Connecting to and interacting with a site is the first step in creating a meaningful relationship with the land, a home, and the surrounding environment. And, guided by an architect, that opportunity can transform those feelings into a tangible, beautiful, and successful outcome. Principal and owner Collin Delano is an architect who believes in the power of connection and interaction as the starting point of his craft.


Nearly a decade ago, Delano moved to Jackson, as many do, fresh out of college with the town and its energy as his north star. He spent the next nine years at one of the top architectural firms, where his project management prowess was quickly engaged and where he discovered his preference for one-on-one interaction. He wanted that singular point of contact—that personal connection and the opportunity to realize his clients’ lifestyles in a meaningful way to design spaces that defined them, their priorities, and their passions alongside their appreciation for nature.

“What drew me here was a strong connection and desire to enhance sites with design. Most of us who move to Jackson, the Tetons, and the greater Yellowstone area are sensitive to the landscape. We strive to integrate our reverence for this specific area within the site. There’s a great legacy here of incredible architecture, and I’ve been fortunate to follow the steps of those ahead of me and forge ahead as I continue to grow with my firm,” says Delano. “What interests me most is designing for how my clients live their everyday lives—how their interactions give their spaces meaning.”

Delano Studio is well-informed in residential and commercial design. Delano has recently noticed his residential clients’ inclinations to scale back insofar as their aspirations to “live manageably.” As he explains, “I have some clients who have multiple homes, others who want to live on a single level, and many who have expressed that they want to live more sustainably. I’ve worked on homes that have pushed the limits of 12,000 to 14,000 square feet and have maxed out the site, so this trend towards inviting manageability aligns well with my goal to have the site inform the design decisions.”


Pine Cabin, seen here, is a stunning residential property in Flathead County, Montana, that illustrates Delano Studio’s philosophy for connection as the pine trees “connect the occupants to their surroundings.” The exterior/interior, with its gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and massive roof overhangs, draws the parallel between privacy and serenity for an exquisite experience and further portrays the home as profoundly personal.

Delano points out that there are many places to live in the valley—the town of Jackson, Wilson, the Village, along Fish or Fall Creek, East Jackson, Snow King, and South Park, to name several locations. “Working with a great realtor helps to point out the variations in the areas and what each has to offer with amenities. As a result, it’s possible to live differently in each location, which defines the homeowner’s experience.

“Most of us who move to Jackson, the Tetons, and the greater Yellowstone area are sensitive to the landscape. We strive to integrate our reverence for this specific area within the site.”
-Collin Delano, Architect, Delano Studio

For example, I live in town, where I walk over to Snow King with my daughters, and we all hop on the Sunnyside lift. It’s a gift to have that convenience and to be on the slopes within a few minutes,” shares Delano “I’m making memories every day with the girls, and that’s still one of the best things about being here—to have the ability to be outdoors, to experience skiing, fishing, hiking, and biking with my family, and to call Jackson home.”