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Finding Unique Treasures in Jackson


Chair No. 2
Nida Risto Interiors

375 W Broadway, Suite 2 | Jackson, WY | 307.203.2500
Indulge in whimsical luxury with this head-turning elegant armchair, resembling a fluffy sheep. Hand-carved iron legs and arms combine with a plush shearling seat and back to create a modern classic.



Moroccan style rug
Azadi Fine Rugs

55 S Cache St | Jackson, WY | 307.734.0169
This contemporary influenced Moroccan style rug features a blend of traditional Moroccan design elements with modern aesthetics. The summery color palette, in blues and oranges, evokes a sense of coolness and tranquility, reminiscent of clear summer skies and refreshing waters. Available at AZADI Fine Rugs in a variety of sizes. Please call for details.



Lollygagger Lounge Chairs
Open Room Furniture

360 First Ave N. | Ketchum, ID | 208.622.0222
Meet the modern Adirondack. All the angles feel just right and the two back planes add an unexpected level of comfort. Complete with an integrated bottle opener just in case you get thirsty. Made in the USA with recycled plastic. Can be left outside all year long. No maintenance required. The Open Room assembles for you! Available in nine colors.



Handcrafted Mahogany Bowl
Bella Fine Goods

55 S Cache St | Jackson, WY | 307.201.1848
Add an artistic flair to your home with this handcrafted bowl made of high-quality mahogany wood. Not only practical, but a great conversation piece for your table.



Bjorn Arm Chair
Forsyth & Brown

1160 Alpine Ln Suite 2C | Jackson, WY | 307.200.6608
A Danish-inspired chair combining sleek minimalistic design with ergonomic comfort. Rich natural upholstery paired with a warm wood frame complement the timeless design for unmatched comfort and style.