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Relationships make a house a home. When we invite family and friends into our houses, we lay the foundation for transforming space from functional to memorable. The Mountain West offers unparalleled natural beauty and we want to acknowledge our relationship with it even when we are inside.

Windows embody the essence of a relationship in a home. They serve a dual purpose of creating visibility into a house, and they also open up the connection between the inside experience and the exterior environment. Windows are the ultimate way to celebrate the relationship between home and place.

The Relationships that Make a House a Home- Jackson Hole Living Room

Relationships are at the core of View Point Windows. Veiw Point has over 100 years of combined experience with custom windows, doors, and hardware for residential and commercial projects. The company works on a wide range of budgets and aims to bring value, quality, and service to each project. Its ethos focuses on providing the right product to people and supporting with service, none of which can be done without the foundation of strong relationships.

The Relationships that Make a House a Home- Jackson Hole Bedroom and Bathroom

Everything they do is rooted in building relationships and staying true to them, both with clients and manufacturers. View Point believes that a successful window business relies on having the right people, the right product, and the right price. View Point chooses its products and brands carefully from thousands of manufacturers across the world and partners with those who meet their high standards while also meeting the needs of the market and their customer base.

The showroom at View Point Windows is where the design process begins. A sales rep will work with the client to learn about the project needs and prioritize innovation, technology, aesthetic design preferences, and budget. View Point’s team help is comprised of experienced window industry professionals who can educate customers on the best options for their projects.

Each of View Point’s wholesale relationships with manufacturers is built on core values of quality and service. View Point takes very seriously the service and warranties offered by each of its manufacturers and only works with ones it knows to have the quality and integrity aligned with their own. The Mountain West is a harsh climate that requires exceptionally durable exterior products. All of View Point’s partners have met the criteria for products that stand up to the environment. While their goal is to never have to make a warranty claim, part of View Point’s partner selection process includes choosing partners that have strong warranties in case a client needs a repair.

The Relationships that Make a House a Home- Jackson Hole Bathtub and Living Room

With relationships at its core, View Point Windows proudly shares one if its main partnerships with Loewen Windows. Loewen is a full-line luxury window and door crafthouse that specializes in luxury residential architecture and distinctive light commercial construction. Loewen was founded in 1905 by C.P. Loewen and is based in Manitoba, Canada.

Loewen takes pride in products that are not only attractive but also cutting-edge in their functionality. The products offer performance to keep homes comfortable and energy-efficient, as well as durability to protect against harsh elements. Loewen’s wood windows and doors are crafted from coastal Douglas fir and mahogany. Custom woods are available and include teak, walnut, white oak, and cherry. The products are statement pieces that transform a custom build or renovation into a haven of innovation and authentic materials that last.

The Relationships that Make a House a Home- Jackson Hole House Exterior

Loewen’s product spectrum includes a broad range of offerings. Unlike other manufacturers, Loewen can complete an entire package of windows from one supply source rather than having to mix and match from multiple sources to complete an order. One-vendor sourcing translates to continuity in the project from both an aesthetic standpoint and also on a functional materials level.

Loewen’s product line includes the Cyprium line of all bronze and copper exterior windows and doors. The metals have custom, hand-rubbed patinas that take on a unique character. Another line is made of Accoya wood, which is an exclusive species that does not take on moisture. The high-performance wood helps maintain performance and opens up new architectural opportunities. Loewen also has wire-brushed cedar and fir windows, which give a natural look and texture of wood exterior stained grade windows with a weather-durable treatment.

Loewen also has a full contemporary line of windows and doors, large oversized windows, bifold and lift-n-slide pocketing doors, and high-quality triple-pane windows. The company makes a sleek and flexible engineered timber wall window system with narrow, clean frames. It also makes a wide range of anodized finishes for aluminum cladding.

Loewen proudly “works with amazing people on incredible projects.” A large percentage of View Point Window’s business is repeat and comes from the relationships and quality that they prioritize. View Point invites future clients to visit its showroom and begin the process of creating uniquely beautiful custom windows and doors.

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