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What is the difference between a good property management company and a bad one? That isn’t a set-up for a joke; it is a serious question that every homeowner with a rental property needs to ask before choosing a steward for their investment.

A Closer Look at All Seasons Resort Lodging- Park City

“There is a lot to consider when opening your home to strangers. It starts with hiring the right people. You need honest, experienced managers who are invested in taking care of your home and treating you like family.”

–Alan Finnegan, President, All Seasons Resort Lodging

Not all property management companies are created equal, and the company with the lowest commission rate usually isn’t the best choice.

“Results don’t lie,” says Alan Finnegan, president of All Seasons Resort Lodging—a Park City property management company with nearly 20 years of experience. “You need trustworthy people on your side, managers with the integrity and expertise to get the most out of your property.”

An in-depth evaluation reveals a property management company’s character and qualifications.

All Seasons Resort Lodging began in 1999 in a storage room in Park City, managing a single property. Since then, it has grown into an agile mid-sized management company representing a carefully-curated selection of homes and condominiums across the Park City area. All Seasons Resort Lodging cares about each homeowner and each home individually, always keeping the homeowner’s best interests at heart.

Every destination is unique. Every town has a character all its own. Local companies have the home field advantage when dealing with properties in their backyard. National brands or companies outside the local market can’t keep up with the kind of deep insights that a local brand can leverage for their homeowners.

A company’s size influences the kind of care they offer their homeowners. Large companies wield more resources but are ultimately aloof and impersonal. Small firms provide individual attention, but lack marketing power and staff. Mid-sized management companies like All Seasons Resort Lodging offer a best-of-both-worlds compromise: a personal focus with nationwide reach and full-time availability.

Both large and small companies usually lack local staff for housekeeping, maintenance, and other functions. All Seasons Resort Lodging is one of the few full-service firms that employs an expert staff of housekeepers, maintenance specialists, and other service people—instead of outsourcing the work. This ensures that each home is carefully cleaned and meticulously cared for by an in-house team of committed professionals and that properties aren’t left to the whims of outside contractors.

A Closer Look at All Seasons Resort Lodging- Park City Slopes, Kitchen and Entry

A good business relationship is built on more than just positive rapport. Results matter in property management—and quality marketing is crucial to getting good results. Excellent marketing is about adaptability—about keeping up with a world of rapidly changing technologies and trends. Mastering SEO developments, innovating in new markets, and utilizing both compelling copy and breathtaking photography are all vital for grabbing the eyes of the digital consumer. Then property managers have to secure the booking with a perfect rate—low enough to show value to the guest and high enough to obtain maximum revenue for the homeowner.

All Seasons Resort Lodging’s powerful proprietary software allows them to stay ahead of the market with dynamic rate strategies that are constantly shifting according to a multitude of variables. Combined with curated distribution networks, All Seasons Resort Lodging secures exceptional revenue for homeowners, year after year.

No matter how great the results, and how friendly the staff, the contract is the final piece of the puzzle. While it is tempting to go with a property manager advertising a low commission rate, it is common for those companies to generate additional revenue by charging guests for housekeeping and other fees—which are not shared with homeowners. On top of that, they often charge homeowners for credit card fees, travel agent fees, and housekeeping fees. Charges add up quickly, and that low commission rate suddenly isn’t so low anymore.

Foregoing this deceptive pricing structure, All Seasons Resort Lodging instead employs a flat, all-inclusive management commission without additional fees. Homeowners enjoy the benefit of All Seasons Resort Lodging’s superior service and dedicated local staff, all while bringing home more cash than they would with other competitors.

“Results don’t lie.” Finnegan’s maxim serves as an apt summation of the property management decision. All Seasons Resort Lodging’s all-inclusive contract, local history, marketing expertise, and sophisticated revenue management strategies yield market-leading revenues. In the business of property management, revenues are results—and results are the difference between a good property management company and a bad one.

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