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A Vision of Art and Functionality- Park City Silver Mountain Glass

When you walk into the breathtaking master bathroom in Stan and Joan’s newly-built modern home in Promontory, you are immediately taken aback. The clean, distinct lines of the shower doors are like pieces of art—more crafted and less manufactured—a perfect representation of the homeowner’s personal style. The precise division of the frosted glass in the center highlights the convergence of both privacy and beauty. The doors are the feature presentation in the room.

Stan and Joan originally reached out to four different glass manufacturers about their project, and Silver Mountain Glass was the only company that stepped in to tackle the complex, custom design. “Every member of the Silver Mountain Glass team is determined to make each piece the very best. We aren’t scared of going back to the drawing board. If something isn’t just right the first time, we’ll hone in on it until it is. We never shy away from a challenge; it’s what makes us better with each and every project,” declares owner Mike Wirthlin.

Silver Mountain Glass, the premier glass company in Park City, Utah, has been creating unique custom windows and doors, as well as distinctive mirrors and tabletops, for the last 10 years. Whatever your imaginative glass project, it will be evident the moment you see Silver Mountain’s finished product that it was done with a passion for quality and creativity.

A Vision of Art and Functionality- Park City Windows and Door

“Silver Mountain Glass is a rare combination of professionalism, can-do attitude, responsiveness, and pride in what they do that is reflected throughout the organization. They are a joy to work with.”

–Stan Hooley, Client

Mike began working with glass in 1996, tuning his skills under the guidance of one of the best glass companies in Park City at the time. As Mike’s abilities grew stronger, so did his vision and insight into the needs of the Park City community, and he soon set his sights on building his own company. Today, Silver Mountain Glass is celebrating 10 years of outstanding business, earning its reputation as Park City’s most dynamic glass team. “Having a passion for the quality of the end result starts at the very beginning of the project, the journey with the client, molding a vision of art and functionality,” Mike says.

A Vision of Art and Functionality- Park City Wine Case

None of this would be possible without the dedicated on-site care and attention given to each project by the Silver Mountain Glass team. Working with contractors and designers, they ensure that every job is executed well, both visually and technically. Over the last decade, Mike has cultivated and nurtured relationships with the very best installers, designers, and contractors in the business. “The real creativity and passion comes from the full collaboration with a team of people who have one set of common goals, make the absolute best product, and create something better than what any of them could have imagined,” acknowledges Mike.

“Having a passion for the quality of the end result starts at the very beginning of the project.”

–Mike Wirthlin, Owner, Silver Mountain Glass

A Vision of Art and Functionality- Park City Glass Shower

No matter the accolades, Silver Mountain Glass will never settle; it’s what makes them the best. The determination to be the premier glass manufacturer and installer in Park City comes from their desire to never stop improving. The Silver Mountain team continues to research new products and innovative designs, learning new skills and refining existing ones with each unique project and keeping a pulse on advanced state-of-the-art equipment and crafting techniques. Silver Mountain Glass is the answer for anyone looking for custom designs, with attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship.

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