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Wellness Re-thought & Revitalized

Ameyalli Retreat poised to bring a new standard of living to an old resort just outside Park City

by Geoff Nudelman

The myriad mineral hot springs that dot the landscape around Midway, Utah, have long attracted health-seekers and vacationers from far and wide. Native Americans of the Ute and Shoshone nations consider these hot springs sacred and have cared for them for generations. In the late 1800s, a group of Swiss settlers continued the tradition with new resort construction. Towards the middle of the 20th century, the Mountain Spa Resort took shape, becoming a home-away-from-home for Hollywood elite.

Much like those who visit the area, the resort is now experiencing a rebirth as the Ameyalli Resort and Residences development gets underway.

“This is so much more than a real estate project, it’s about how we can make our society healthier and more joyful,” says lead developer Chuck Heath.

Heath is a long-tenured developer, but Ameyalli signals a new turn, especially with the branded star power of one of the world’s foremost names in wellness: Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Foundation. The resort, whose name is drawn from the Aztec meaning for “a place where the healing water flows,” is the first real estate development designed in collaboration with Deepak Chopra and his Chopra Foundation.

“This property has a great history for its healing mineral water and how it’s used, and we want to provide that sacred reciprocity to those who own at and visit Ameyalli.”

–Chuck Heath, Lead Developer, Ameyalli Retreat

Matthew Magnotta, Co-Founder of Christie’s International Real Estate Park City and Director of Sales for the property, explains that Ameyalli’s goal is to provide a space “that would improve owners’ lives by creating an environment that promotes well-being through activity, healthy food, education, wellness treatments, and healing mineral waters. Couple that with the fact that an expanded Deer Valley ski resort is much closer, and you have a powerful value proposition.”

With the input of the Chopra Foundation, this idea comes to life through a 50,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor Wellbeing Center with a subterranean mineral pool, a 55-acre natural geological preserve, and a biodiverse garden that will incorporate farm-to-table dining across the property.

The construction team is also going to great lengths to preserve the natural wonders of the high-desert property, restoring two landmark geothermal “hot pots” – crater-like mineral pools – and more than half of the 78-acre property will be preserved to protect special views of the stunning surrounding mountains, including integration of public trails that will connect residents and guests to a larger trail network.


“Some people want more than spa treatments; they want complete physical wellness so we’ll also have programming to help support athletic recovery.”

–Matthew Magnotta, Director of Sales, Ameyalli, Co-Founder of Christie’s International Real Estate Park City

“This property has a great history for its healing mineral water and how it’s used, and we want to provide that sacred reciprocity to those who own at and visit Ameyalli,” Heath says. He envisions Ameyalli as a place where everyone can gather. It is an intimate experience in any case, with 23 cottages, several family lodges, and 24 residences available for purchase. The layout is purpose-built in a “horseshoe” shape surrounding the resort’s natural hot pots.

The first two real estate offerings – two four-bedroom residences – are scheduled to be completed this June, and are already up for sale, with more residences on the way. Each residence will be approximately 2,700 to 3,000 square feet and feature four bedrooms, four baths, a two-car garage, rooftop observation deck, and large patio with fire pit. Ameyalli will offer multiple floor plan options as well. A private pool and clubhouse are expected to be completed shortly after the initial residences. There will be deeded full and fractional ownership offerings available along with an opportunity to enjoy home exchanges in nearly 100 countries through the Third Home platform.

A peek at the virtual renderings shows understated luxury with homes that complement the nature unfolding around it rather than trying to make their own statements. The strictest standards here are those of the homes, which are being planned in a way to serve multiple generations while having as little of an impact as possible on the surrounding environment. The entire property will be WELL Building Standard-certified, which is one of the toughest standards to earn in residential and resort construction.


What gives Ameyalli this global potential is its proximity to a beloved resort destination like Deer Valley (nine minutes), the town of Park City (26 minutes), and Salt Lake City’s international airport (less than one hour) while really feeling like a world away where those who need it most can focus on the Chopra-programmed style of wellness and rejuvenation.

The Chopra Foundation has earmarked the property as the future venue for the Ameyalli Center of Excellence, which is “aimed to harness the collective wisdom and innovation of both Deepak’s work and his network of forward-thinkers and innovators seeking to expand consciousness, unlock human potential, and advance progress in health-span research.” There is also the potential that a future wellness residence may also be built at Ameyalli and could serve as a private villa for special events in the future.

While there are a lot of buzzwords in that description, it’s clear that Ameyalli is bringing a new style of wellness to the Mountain West. Magnotta explains that this can be a place for those simply seeking physical and spiritual balance while also being a special destination for those who want to consistently perform at their peak in whichever disciplines they choose to pursue. “Some people want more than spa treatments; they want complete physical wellness so we’ll also have programming to help support athletic recovery,” he says.

Above all, Ameyalli represents an opportunity to continue and protect the rich legacy of the land it sits on. It stands to be the next in-demand destination for those looking for respite and renewal, whether for a few days or for a few generations. “Ameyalli was designed to show you the land so you can appreciate its subtlety and exquisite beauty and then leave you with tools to improve your life,” Heath says.