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Q & A with Brad Lavery, Owner of Western Timber Frame

Can you tell us about your experience in your industry?
Western Timber Frame™ is a Utah-based manufacturer of oversize DIY outdoor living timber shelter kits. The warmth of wood, beams, and rafters compels people to breathe in a little deeper, to enjoy the pure vitality of life. Hyrum Thompson and his son-in-law Bradley Lavery worked for years in housing construction before founding Western Timber Frame. From its beginnings, it has been their passion to create affordable, outdoor living environments for families.

A natural innovator, Hyrum became fascinated with the old-world craftsmanship of timber frame and designed the original The Dovetail Difference™, one of his many timber inventions. The Dovetail Difference™ allows clients to install their own kits with precision accuracy if they desire.


Why should our readers go to Western Timber Frame for their outdoor projects?
We focus on the aesthetics, function, and desires of every homeowner’s unique needs. No matter if your goals are simple or complex, we provide an easy and straightforward experience. Our kits are proudly made in the USA. Also, we ship and install projects throughout the USA, Canada, and abroad. Our number-one priority is you, the end user.

What type of services do you provide?
No matter what you want to accomplish, we have you covered. We will build you exceptional shade and sun protection with a ShadeScape™ Pergola, or complete shelter from rain and snow with a ShadeScape™ Pavilion or Gazebo. We also specialize in breezeways, arbors, trellises, lattices, louvered roofs, timber decks, bridges, timber awnings, timber framing, timber entryways, porte-cochères, wood shutters, decorative metal cladding, and any type of custom furniture you can dream up or visualize.

What separates you from your competitors?
Our ShadeScape™ DIY pergola “kits” are not a typical “cookie-cutter” pergola kit. Each ShadeScape™ is customizable in shape, size, and features but at a kit price. Your first contact will be with a Design Manager, not an obnoxious salesperson. Your Design Manager makes sure that your project is a success from start to finish. Also, we work with your subcontractors to ensure that your project gets done on time. It is what helps us stand apart from everyone else.


Here’s how Western Timber Frame designs, builds, and delivers your kit in five easy steps.

1. Your Design Manager works one-on-one with you to assess your goals. Together, you will draft, sketch, measure, and finalize your project plans.

2. After brainstorming with your Design Manager, you will know what size and style of kit will fit your backyard. You get to personalize your kit to fit your unique style. Choose your beam profile, stain, and knee brace.

3. After the design process, your completed kit is only a few weeks away from being at your front door! We will send you a project proposal and finalized production drawings. Once we get your approval, our team of Timberwright craftsmen will make your dream come to life.

4. All parts are precision-cut, pre-fit, and pre-marked to ensure that your kit will be easy to assemble and free of any manufacturing defects.

5. It’s installation time! Simply drop in post to beam mortises – it’s that simple. We can also install kits in select areas. Call us for details.

What compliments have you received lately?
Many customers tell us how much they enjoy the natural shade of timber, producing the same quality of comfort you get from a shade tree. Some say it gives them measurable health benefits as well. One woman reported that her husband lost several pounds because he spent much more time outdoors. Yesterday, another homeowner who had us install a kit for him two years ago told us that his family practically lives in their pergola, and it has brought them closer to their children.

Anything else you want our readers to know about your business?
“Families,” says Hyrum, “who are involved with each other will build trust and commitment. These bonds that connect people together are the frameworks of our communities. We provide spaces where loved ones interact with each other, face-to-face. We build more than impressive pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos.” Through our tailored approach, we guarantee a perfect fit. Start building your kit today!

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