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Ready to relax with peace of mind? Begin by collaborating with Bradford Aquatic Group before including an aquatic or wellness amenity in your residential or commercial project. Suppose you’re a direct user investing in your family’s lifestyle and seeking to enhance your property’s value with aquatic and wellness amenities that will meet your entertainment, lifestyle, and health goals. In that case, Bradford can support you throughout the entire process. From a luxury residential pool, spa, cold plunge, sauna, steam room, and heated relaxation lounger to an elevated commercial swimming pool or premier day spa, Bradford’s products, services, and reputation are synonymous with the quality of them all.

Everyone has their connection and memories of pools, parties, and backyard antics. Was it the pool’s location with an expansive view of the mountains that you remember? Or was it the spa’s size, temperature, therapeutic features, or cultural experience? And why did the atmosphere render itself practically cinematic? Pools and spas are destinations. When those destinations become part of your lifestyle—morning laps, lazy afternoons with the kids, evenings under the stars, or relaxing after a day on the slopes, you realize how essential these are to your health and well-being, as well as a source of energy or relaxation and a gathering place for friends and family. The sound of moving water and the visual effects of a stunningly designed project can create that destination. And having a spa or pool that continues to awe, aspires to your lifestyle, has usability year-round, and enhances its location is essential to your connection to it and all that Park City has to offer, no matter the time of year.

“We understand the challenges the weather presents for construction to be performed year-round in a climate like Park City, especially when constructing swimming pools and spas and delivering a quality amenity that will stand the test of time and the stringent freeze/thaw cycles in Utah.”

–Mark Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Bradford Aquatic Group


Why are Bradford’s products and services so popular? Whether you’re an organization that is coordinating a project for a client or an owner seeking an expert at their craft, you will receive that next-level experience working with Bradford. The firm provides creative and innovative designs, precision engineering, versatile quality products, and efficient, sustainable construction methods regardless of the properties’ constraints or project timelines. Recognized as the industry leader for setting the standard of excellence in service and product offerings, Bradford creates centerpieces for the most luxurious residences, renowned hotels, and premier commercial facilities globally. In addition, with exceptional customer service and unrivaled capabilities, Bradford’s expertise provides peace of mind to owners, developers, architects, landscape architects, aquatic designers, custom builders, general contractors, interior designers, and specialty trade partners by offering a dependable resource for international collaboration while having a team locally in Park City and throughout Utah.

“We know Park City well and have enjoyed participating in many amazing projects locally,” states Mark Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Bradford Aquatic Group. “We understand the challenges the weather presents for construction to be performed year-round in a climate like Park City, especially when constructing swimming pools and spas and delivering a quality amenity that will stand the test of time and the stringent freeze/thaw cycles in Utah. One of the most shocking things that surprises our customers is that we can perform our work year-round in mountainous areas like Park City.”

Johnson continues, “Within the aquatic industry, most companies operate seasonally, which leaves a short window for the progress of construction schedule onsite. There are better choices for residential and commercial pools and spas than concrete (or gunite). For instance, other companies struggle with inclement weather (preventing cement pouring) as they face concrete shortages, available skilled labor, inaccessible plumbing enclosed in concrete, and are challenged with steep hillsides and tight logistical access. It’s not uncommon for trades to vie for space and timing as coordination centers around a hole in the ground for the whole lifecycle of the pool construction. We can eliminate these scenarios because we build offsite in a factory with short fabrication and installation timelines, so all trades have full access to perform their work while we build, and then it’s ready when the project team needs installation.”

“We have a competitive advantage and can support many projects because we create our products in a controlled environment that allows us to maintain the highest level of quality assurance, which is why we can offer an industry-leading 25-year product warranty that is honored by a company with more than 40 years in business. We can install the largest and most complex pools in weeks,” says Johnson. “Our efficiencies help improve the project’s schedule by freeing up valuable resources and allowing other construction trades to avoid costly delays with completion dates. From early design coordination through construction completion, we simplify the process for everyone involved.”

“We have a competitive advantage and can support many projects because we create our products in a controlled environment…which is why we can offer an industry-leading 25-year warranty.”

–Mark Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Bradford Aquatic Group

Another game-changer: Bradford’s products hedge against leaks! Pause and think about that. Who’s arrived at their home or a resort where the pool or spa is out of order? How frustrating! Bradford’s fully welded pool structures create a watertight vessel, which includes components they have innovated to make their products the best in the industry.

Additionally, a bonus of Bradford is that they provide designers confidence for taking a traditional inground pool area and making it elevated over occupied space, freeing up precious real estate. The creations for the ultimate pool and spa are endless and inspire new forms of experiences. For example, the boutique luxury hotel Pendry in Park City recently opened its doors, showcasing a Bradford elevated pool and spa with an amenity area for guests to enjoy a stylish rooftop setting with stunning views of the mountains as the only rooftop lounge in Canyons Village. Whether poolside in the summer or winter, Pendry’s year-round access provides guests with the ultimate Park City lifestyle and aquatic experience.


Bradford has marvels worldwide, and their products’ versatility and durability have designers and engineers everywhere inspired and taking full advantage of the opportunity to generate creative experiences. “Utah has a high concentration of talented architects, landscape architects, engineers, and aquatic designers who have thoroughly enjoyed their collaboration with Bradford,” says Fred Ogram ASLA, PLA Vice President of Design at Bradford Aquatic Group. Ogram joined Bradford Aquatic Group after over 30 years as a distinguished landscape architect. “I became inspired by Bradford’s products and saw an opportunity to join the organization to expand further development of their design support details and encourage the design community of the sustainable attributes these products and their services can provide and change within the industry as pools and spas have been thought of the same way for hundreds of years in design practices.”

“Nothing is more frustrating to a designer than being limited to product and labor constraints,” adds Ogram. “Not knowing if the skilled trades are available and capable of constructing the design and experienced to deliver a quality product and follow my plans precisely as designed or if I’ll arrive at the project to find, I must take their as-built information and reimagine the space because of their shortfall. Often, I have to make sure the design now looks like something other than an afterthought or a reflection of my design work. An example is a vanishing edge enhancement that showcases the project. When a laser’s calibration is incorrect, the edge won’t be precise enough for the visual effect. Or if the hydraulic drawings for the plumbing are off, the water flow over the edge is inconsistent. Having experienced that scenario too often with different trades internationally, I had to scale back my creativity to adapt to the resources available geographically, which inhibited my designs. So while there has been progress with aquatic design and talented designers within the industry, there historically have been limitations for design. In some ways, it has limited areas to evolve the aquatic industry. What excites me to share with other designers is how Bradford’s products and services can provide solutions.”

Bradford offers elements that other companies do not; specifically, they have a proactive approach with their design, engineering, and project management personnel that complements the project team’s coordination of structural and MEP to maximize construction efficiencies and provide solutions during the design process. Bradford’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are so proficient that they provide precision-engineered self-supported leak-resistant pools and spas built to precise tolerances that match the intricate details in the drawings, all within a controlled environment. “When I first set eyes on one of their facilities, it was like pulling up to Temple Square in Salt Lake City,” states Ogram. “I couldn’t believe the impressive size, and then I was astonished to hear it was just one of their facilities. I was also amazed at the number of projects progressing through their production floor concurrently with manufacturing productivity and efficiency. I have visited other stainless steel aquatic facilities before, and they were the size of small fabrication shops working on top of each other. I knew Bradford was the leader in the stainless steel aquatic industry, but they’re lightyears ahead of their competition.”

Ogram continues, “Bradford being the leader wasn’t the only reason I joined their organization; there were many reasons, but what quickly stood out upon entering the building were the people, culture, and disciplined practices they had in place.”


“It was refreshing to see many great things and their pride in their product, being a U.S.-based company, using U.S.-made materials, all under a giant American flag on the production floor wall,” adds Ogram. “It reminded me of a Diego Rivera mural inspired by the American Industrial Revolution. I knew right then I had found my home. In this place, I could combine my professional experiences in industrial design and landscape architecture and be inspired to create and innovate solutions. It’s a place where design matters, and Heaven is truly in the details.”

“What excites me to share with other designers is all the ways Bradfords products and services can provide solutions.”

–Fred Ogram ASLA, PLA Vice President of Design, Bradford Aquatic Group


First, let’s identify some stainless steel benefits. It is highly recyclable and easier to maintain, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for aquatic construction. It’s incredibly lightweight, so the products are often used for elevated applications. For example, a third of the weight is in the same footprint as concrete. This significant reduction has cost savings and fewer structural requirements that increase the height for valuable head space in the floor below. It is a strong material resistant to corrosion, cracking, and fading and easily bears structural and seismic forces. Lastly, it is a non-porous material that does not harbor bacteria, algae, or other contaminants. And, as a finish, it makes it easier to keep the pool clean and can reduce the amount of chemicals used to treat the water.

“We know the importance of having a single source you can count on to handle all of your needs, and we’re committed to Park City and all of Utah with resources to complete your projects from start to finish successfully. We cover many market segments, and we have some new exciting developments that will further complement our robust offerings locally.”

–Mark Johnson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Bradford Aquatic Group


Bradford’s products can be custom-designed to fit any shape, size, or configuration, allowing for extraordinary design; look at the examples on these pages for proof. Aesthetics—stainless steel is sleek, sexy, and simple yet sophisticated, particularly when juxtaposed against modern, traditional, and contemporary architecture. Bradford also offers a combined stainless steel tile trim package that is sublime. If these options aren’t what you’re looking for, they have an abundance of finish options, such as an array of full tile options or copper options, to name a few.


“Stainless steel may surprise you as an option for your pool or spa. Many people have been in a stainless steel pool or spa and didn’t even know it!” says Ogram. “This is because most commercial pools require a high-contrast pool floor for safety. What could be better than the beauty of a full tile finish? There are thousands of our projects around the world with Bradford’s products that many have unknowingly enjoyed.”

“Bradford has also mastered integrating acrylic wall panels into their pools, spas, and water features, providing a unique experience like our recently completed project, The Sky Pool at the Embassy Gardens in London. There is no other pool in the world like this one. It is nearly 115 feet above the street level and spans two high-rise towers, allowing users to swim across the 80-foot-long pool surrounded by acrylic walls and floor, providing a direct view down to the street. The water appears to be floating in the air,” Ogram enthuses. Acrylic provides a unique opportunity to enhance any residential or commercial project with a stainless steel supporting structure. “We welcome any complexity and have solutions for creating multi-use and multi-purpose outdoor spaces with automated cover systems that enhance confined spaces or occurrences when your pool and spa aren’t in use while utilizing that same area for playing sports, having events, or parking a vehicle,” says Ogram.

“We know the importance of having a single source you can count on to handle all of your needs, and we’re committed to Park City and all of Utah with resources to complete your projects from start to finish successfully,” states Johnson. “We cover many market segments, and we have some new exciting developments that will further complement our robust offerings locally.”

Playful and plunge-worthy, intimate and inspirational…discover Bradford’s products and experience for yourself their emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality products centered around your health, lifestyle, safety, security, and privacy—that’s only part of what has made this third-generation, family-owned company well-known and respected, from the marvel in London and penthouse suites on Miami’s South Beach to the largest outdoor pool amphitheater at Stadium Swim in Las Vegas to private residences throughout Utah and resorts like Pendry in Park City. Enjoy a five-star experience working with Bradford and experience their products year-round, now and for generations.