Fine art galleries in Park City are making their mark on the art world. With emerging artists and debut works by respected and long-time favored artists, it’s an art scene to rival the world- class recreation and scenery. This winter will feature exciting exhibitions from artists based in Utah, the American West, and from the world-at-large. Several artists will be present for their opening exhibitions, which is always a worthy experience—to visit with an artist and embrace their work first hand. Whether an art collector or admirer, this season expect Park City art galleries to dazzle the eyes and reach one’s cultural soul. From Modern Masters to emerging superstars, from familiar artists to rare collectible works, Park City is more than a ski town, it’s a cultural haven.


J GO Gallery features contemporary original artwork by nationally recognized, mid-career, and young emerging artists working in all media. In addition, the gallery sells a unique assortment of art jewelry and curiosities. This winter, the gallery will feature a Winter Sol Group Show, a collection of significant new works for the winter season by all J GO artists. For the holidays, J GO presents Sparkle, an art jewelry collection that doubles in size for an entire week beginning after Christmas Day. If it’s baubles and bubbly you want, Sparkle is the show for you. At the end of January, the gallery will feature People, an exhibition with works by Jane Maxwell, Denise Duong, Ryoko Tajiri, Sherri Belassen, and Olivia Mae Pendergast—who all use the figure in unique depictions as a reflection of individuality. For President’s Day weekend, J GO Gallery presents Inception with Kelly Schurger, Jaye Schlesinger, and Mikel Covey, who are all new artists for J GO Gallery and Park City. At the end of February, J GO Gallery presents Wild with Greg Ragland and Adam S. Doyle contemporary presentations of wildlife, and at the end of March, Layers will feature artists Jay Kelly and Curtis Olson with mixed media work by gallery favorites whose work is both labor intensive and features inventive processes.
408 Main Street (secondary entrance on Swede Alley) + Park City, UT + jgogallery.com

3 Circle Girls by Jane Maxwell. Mixed media at J GO Gallery
3 Circle Girls by Jane Maxwell. Mixed media at J GO Gallery

A Pair of Sandhill Cranes in Blues and Purple by Greg Ragland. Acrylic on canvas at J GO Gallery
A Pair of Sandhill Cranes in Blues and Purple by Greg Ragland. Acrylic on canvas at J GO Gallery


Julie Nester Gallery features contemporary works by emerging and established artists. The December-January show features Debra Bloomfield and her work, Wilderness.

In the American West, the idea of wilderness has expansive meaning—literally. For photographer Debra Bloomfield, wilderness is a multi-faceted interest, which has resulted in a body of work, Wilderness (2014), an environmental monograph comprising images and soundscapes she recorded over a five-year period in a remote area of northwestern America, “a landscape that is metaphor for wilderness everywhere.” Immersing herself in this unknown terrain, Bloomfield purposely repeated her movements through the seasons with a contemplative stance. With author Terry Tempest Williams as a contributor, the Wilderness series is equal parts art and environmental advocacy.

“The book and the work has its own life,” Bloomfield tells. “It has moved into the environmental world and has become a source of advocacy for the protection of wilderness lands. I added a sound element to my book because I could not photograph the sound of a raven, which was a sound that kept coming out of the top of tree,” she describes. “The raven in the North is a different beast, and its sound ignited the project.” Julie Nester Gallery will present Wilderness by Debra Bloomfield from Dec. 19 through Jan 20.

For February, Julie Nester Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of new paintings by San Francisco artist, Stephen Foss. Foss is widely known for the visually rich surface finish and color that show a return to heavily worked finishes in contemporary painting. The artist applies paint in numerous layers, and then he works the surface to allow sub layers and carefully prepared groundwork to peek through the top layer. This results in paintings with varied colors and great depth.

At the end of February, experience new paintings by Chris Gwaltney. Gwaltney’s work might be thought of as poetry as opposed to prose because he builds and sketches on the canvas, taking away what is unnecessary, and paring down and crystallizing the visual language. For Gwaltney, the figure is expressed as a gesture, a presence simply articulated with line and stroke, often seen as walking alone or in relation to one or more figures. Gwaltney says, “Some paintings are a conversation, others are an argument.” Through the process of painting, he sets up situations that seek resolution in the work. In the end, the work becomes “a testament to time well spent.”
1280 Iron Horse Drive + Park City, UT + julienester.com

Mandala Direction 36 by Curtis Olson
Monday’s Storm by Elsa Sroka. Oil on canvas at Terzian Galleries


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Terzian Galleries presents contemporary original art from regional and national artists showcasing painting, sculpture, bronze, mixed media, jewelry, and glass. In February, Terzian Galleries will feature artists Marketa Sivek, Angie Renfro, and Elsa Sroka followed by Zachary Proctor in March. Owner Karen Terzian says it is her mission to “promote, encourage, and represent artists and connect them with people passionate about art whether they be collectors or first-time buyers.” She continues, “I love three things about my role as a gallerist: meeting people from far-and-wide with such varied stories and art tastes, the relationships built between artists and collectors, and sometimes there is cause to travel, which is inspiring to anyone in the art field.”

Angie Renfro’s work is multi-dimensional. At first glance, Renfro paintings are factories, birds, and telephone wires to list a few subjects, but a look longer and the viewer will discover a profound loneliness and palpable sense of longing.

Elsa Sroka is a Colorado native from a family of six siblings, all of whom share the love of art and design. Mostly self-taught, Sroka’s work is based on instinct rather than theory.

Utah native Zachary Proctor’s work was included in Southwest Art Magazine’s “Top 21 Best Artists Under 31.” “My intent as a painter is to arrest motion on canvas by artificial means, to capture life and hold it fixed,” Proctor says.
625 Main Street + Park City, UT + terziangalleries.com

Monday’s Storm by Elsa Sroka. Oil on canvas at Terzian Galleries
Monday’s Storm by Elsa Sroka. Oil on canvas at Terzian Galleries


For gallery owner Thomas Anthony, art should be appreciated and enjoyed. “What’s most rewarding is the continuing acquisition of new paintings and sculptures from our very talented stable of artists and the placement of these beautiful art objects into our collectors’ homes along with meeting and developing new clients and the continuing loyalty that so many of our collectors show Thomas Anthony Gallery,” says Thomas Anthony, owner. “Our main focus is original paintings and sculptures.”

Thomas Anthony Gallery’s artists offer fresh contemporary perspectives on traditional subjects. The gallery’s line-up this winter is no exception. Carrie Fell is an artist who embraces traditional Western art in a contemporary manner. Her familiar stories of the West and dramatic use of color and line set Fell apart from conventional Western art style.

Dorsey McHugh, a native of the Black Hills of South Dakota who calls Nashville, Tennessee home, will also exhibit at Thomas Anthony Gallery this winter. McHugh has work in galleries in Hawaii, Washington D.C., Nashville, Southern California, Chicago, Park City, and Carmel. Through line and color, McHugh inspires others to remember that there is light even in the darkest times.

Joshua Tobey, a wildlife sculptor whose bronze casting process is the traditional “lost wax method”—a lengthy process where all sculptures start out as a clay study. His bears, life-size and maquette-size, often show expressions of affection, surprise, and leisure.

Lone Yellow Aspen by Willie Holdman. Photograph at Willie Holdman Utah Photographs Gallery
Lone Yellow Aspen by Willie Holdman. Photograph at Willie Holdman Utah Photographs Gallery
Spalted Silverleaf Maple, Anasazi form wood vessel by Ted Knight at Thomas Anthony Gallery
Spalted Silverleaf Maple, Anasazi form wood vessel by Ted Knight at Thomas Anthony Gallery
Tumbleweed #3 by Mikel Covey. Archival pigment print at J GO Gallery
Tumbleweed #3 by Mikel Covey. Archival pigment print at J GO Gallery

In March, Thomas Anthony Gallery will feature wood sculpture works by Ted Knight. Knight’s work has been accomplished by only a handful of artists worldwide. He makes his vessels from solid pieces of wood-log sections that often weigh 600 pounds. The entire process from a log selection to finished vessel can take two to five years.

Throughout the winter, Thomas Anthony Gallery is proud to host events for which artists will be on hand to discuss their work. Carrie Fell, the official artist for the 2015 2015 FIS World Ski Championships Vail/Beaver Creek Colorado, will be at the gallery showing her contemporary work on Jan. 3 from 6-9 p.m. Then, On Feb. 13, from 6 to 9 p.m. Thomas Anthony Gallery welcomes Dorsey McHugh. Wildlife sculptor Joshua Tobey will be present at Thomas Anthony Gallery on Feb. 27 and 28. On March 7, Ted Knight will be in attendance for his exhibition from 6 to 9 p.m.
340 Main Street + Park City, UT + thomasanthonygallery.com

My Grandfather by Zachary Proctor. Oil on canvas at Terzian Galleries
My Grandfather by Zachary Proctor. Oil on canvas at Terzian Galleries
Cowboy Chivalry by Carrie Fell. Mixed media at Thomas Anthony Galler
Cowboy Chivalry by Carrie Fell. Mixed media at Thomas Anthony Galler


Willie Holdman Utah Photography Gallery focuses on Holdman’s photography and his ability to capture rare and spectacular moments of significance in nature. “I’m in the business of awaking people’s senses and putting them in a place of peace and comfort that only Mother Nature can provide,” Holdman reveals. “When people come into the gallery, they’re always amazed at the imagery I’m able to capture, and often wonder how it is that I am able to witness so many spectacular occurrences.” Holdman often wakes before sunrise to visit the same place for a week waiting for the atmospheric conditions to all come together to display a rare moment of sensation or he will stay out until after sunset on a mountain top to witness the last crimson light hitting the snow covered peaks and will endure hiking down hours in the dark for the best photograph. “To me it’s all worth it, and I want to share those feelings of wonder with others,” he says. “I’m always looking for compositions that may lend themselves to unique sizes and dimensions to fill a space in a pleasing way.

Holdman’s photography career has spanned more than 25 years and his collection includes original landscapes and an array of picturesque images. Holdman’s more recent works showcase his new processes and approaches to his photography using metal prints. “These images aren’t about the actual subject matter, but rather the mood, and blending shades of color that can only be captured somewhere between reality and fantasy,” Holdman says. “The process breaks down the clutter and simplifies the subject matter to pure color, shape, and form.”
580 Main Street + Park City, UT + willieholdman.comm


Presenting emerging artists for seasoned collectors, Gallery MAR’s fine contemporary art spans from abstracted landscapes to elegant bronze sculptures and whimsical figurative pieces. Gallery MAR seeks out exquisite and non-commercial artwork. Through careful observation and reflection, Gallery MAR curates a collection with refined vision and taste.
436 Main Street + Park City, UT + gallerymar.com


Continuing its tradition of multidisciplinary exhibitions and bringing universal art ideas to Park City, the Kimball Art Center remains the epicenter of Park City’s arts community. As a non- profit center for the arts, the Kimball Art Center is committed to engaging individuals of all ages in diverse and inspiring experiences through education, exhibitions, and events. This winter season the Kimball Art Center presents The Tom Golden Collection of artwork by renowned artists Christo and Jeanne- Claude in its Main Gallery.
638 Park Avenue + Park City, UT + kimballartcenter.org


Legendary nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen has traveled throughout the natural world for over 40 years observing and photographing the Earth’s last great wild places. Mangelsen prints have been acquired by hundreds of thousands of collectors around the world. Increasing in value and demand, Mangelsen limited edition collections sell out and prints are traded on the secondary market.
364 Main Street + Park City, UT + mangelsen.com


Discover Old Town Gallery and Park City Fine Art is to find works by modern Masters as well as emerging and established living artists. Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Miro, Renoir, Warhol, David Smith-Harrison, Furlow, P. C. Myer, Eric Lee, Richard Johnson, Asencio, Mark Yale Harris, Allen Lund, L. E. L, and Sandy Graves are some of the artists whose work are available to view.
580 Main Street + Park City, UT + oldtownegallery.com


After 17 years as the Coda Gallery Park City, the newly named TROVE Gallery has the same location and still enjoys itself as a local and visitor favorite in Park city. TROVE Gallery represents artists from around the nation especially Utah artists. Whimsical, fun and alluring, TROVE presents contemporary art and decorative pieces.
804 Main Street + Park City, UT + troveparkcity.com