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Original Style – 24”x 48” Steel Color Blue

Inside Out Architecturals

Classing It Up With Tile- Park City Fireplace

Original Style-12”x 24” Metal Effects Color Copper

For centuries, builders and architects have used architectural elements to set their creations apart. Those who are successful dare to use elements differently, creating new standards and opening the door for further evolution. We are fortunate to live in a time when technology and creativity merge to create more comfortable, functional, and creative spaces. Inside Out Architecturals provides a variety of materials to create a custom environment for every individual.

Classing It Up With Tile- Park City Bathroom

Left | Original Style Tile of the Year 2019 – Steel Midnight Blue 24”x 48” Rectified Glazed Metallic-finish Porcelain (Import)
Right | New Ravenna’s Evelyn in honed Orchid Basalto and polished Nero Marquita

Leah Wynn, owner of Inside Out Architecturals, developed an appetite for decorative and historical tile in college while conducting research for a fireplace and tile company. This research stimulated her desire to open a store in Utah where others could experience such unique details and component parts of architectural design.

“Clients need the opportunity to visualize their decorative tile in its field and location before it is installed. We provide drawings and assistance in tile layout design to ensure that our clients love their selection.”
–Leah Wynn, Owner, Inside Out Architecturals

Representing over 50 unique decorative tile lines, IOA has a collection of the most intriguing tile options: from one-of-a-kind stones and large-format glass, to the greatest of traditional flooring and historical ornamentals used for their charm throughout the years. They carry the handiwork of today’s artisans in metal tile, glass, and dimensional tile that are best described as “art.”

It is hard to resist a passion for tile once you visit the Inside Out showroom and view the possibilities. With over 65 years of combined experience in assisting both professionals and homeowners, they can provide each client with the details that will make their project sing. “Clients need the opportunity to visualize their decorative tile in its field and location before it is installed. We provide drawings and assistance in tile layout design to ensure that our clients love their selection. When a complicated layout is drawn beforehand, we can address questions and finishing details for both client and installer before the installation begins,” says Wynn.

Inside Out Architecturals is a playground, where creativity with tile can run wild. Visit the showroom and realize the full artistic possibilities of your project. Share the synergy of those who love what they do and are excited for the unique opportunities each project provides.

Classing It Up With Tile- Park City Bar

Quemere Fan Tile Wainscot

Classing It Up With Tile- Park City Floor

Top | Quemere Versailles Shower and Wainscot.
Bottom | Original Style Blenheim 3 color. A traditional pattern in dramatic Black, Grey, and Dover White.

Tiling Trends ‘19

Feeling BLUE?

This year the hot tile color is blue. From the deep dark, glossy, sexy blues to the white that is ever so slightly blue. This psychologically soothing color of nature is ever-present.

Retro Goes Art Deco

The decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong colors, has hit the tile world hard this year. Elegant hues with classy shapes are bringing the glam back to all wall spaces, flooring, and focal points.

Left | New Ravenna Rosamond Basalto & Rosamond, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in Orchid Basalto and Brass.
Right | Quemere Versaille in Old World Crackle Charcoal Grey

Classing It Up With Tile- Park City Design

Classing It Up With Tile- Park City Art

Top | New Ravenna Glass Mosaic Art Pieces – Le Panthere Ladies
Bottom | New Ravenna Beaton, a hand-cut and waterjet stone mosaic, shown in honed Orpheus Black, Nero Marquina, Shell, and tumbled Thassos.

Matte Matters

Soft, silky matte glazes are on all tile sizes this year, from slab to large-format to tiny mosaic pieces. What is also fun is the mix of textures with the matte finishes. Fabulous is the mixture of the glossy with the matte tile, giving surfaces extra depth and dimension.

Old and New Rendezvous

Mixing Old World looks with new sleek tile is Hot Hot Hot. Elaborate statement tiles combined with new simple field tiles form uniquely fashioned spaces.

Handmade Tile Makes a Resurrection

Undulating hand-rolled surfaces, unique moody glazes, molded details, and hand-painted designs are back, bringing the details to light. With handmade tile, you can see that the artisan has added a personal touch to every tile made especially for you.