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The Language of Personalized Interiors

A Client-Centric Approach at Park City’s Eleganté Interiors & Design

by Jennifer Walton

“We firmly believe that the spaces we design should be a true reflection of our client’s personality, rather than Eleganté’s.”

–Branda Northrop, Founder, Eleganté Interiors & Design

More than ever, interior design is recognized as a multifaceted discipline that transcends the mere arrangement of furniture, color schemes, space planning, and trends. It is an art form that amalgamates innovation, functionality, aesthetics, and well-being, profoundly impacting the quality of our lives and the spaces we inhabit. A well-designed space can induce feelings of calmness, inspiration, and productivity, while an improperly designed one can generate stress and discomfort. Interior design can alter everything we do from the moment we rise in the morning to the last moments before sleep.

For two decades, Eleganté Interiors and Design’s founder, Branda Northrop, has created inviting spaces that illustrate her talent for design principles connecting us to our homes and, more essentially, to ourselves. She has witnessed the growth in Park City and its surrounding areas, and her company has navigated a flourishing and vibrant mountain town community with clients whose diverse backgrounds and lifestyles represent the spaces she and her team have curated and produced.

Northrop’s mission remains steadfast with one core principle—collaboration—explaining, “We firmly believe that the spaces we design should be a true reflection of our client’s personality, rather than Eleganté’s.” Each new project is approached as a dynamic and creative partnership, bringing together clients, talented architects, esteemed trade partners, local artisans, and a dedicated team of designers. This empowers her team to craft distinctive and unparalleled environments as they aspire to bring their client’s vision to life. Northrop stays curious, continuously learning, traveling, and being open to new ideas and understanding how design trends evolve and adapt over time, and it shows.

“My last few projects have been more about mixing textures, like steel and glass and natural stone and porcelain slabs,” Northrop shares. This combination allows for the integrating of diverse materials with distinct tactile and visual qualities, resulting in sophisticated and harmonious spaces. “I have always been a designer who likes all organic textures to mix, so glass and porcelain are a departure for me that I want to continue to evolve,” she adds.

Each texture has its quality, and Northrop’s interpretation of them is apparent. She understands that steel’s robust and industrial modern appearance often signifies strength and durability, while glass’s transparency offers a delicate and ethereal quality to a design. And natural stone (granite, marble, or slate) brings a sense of organic beauty and timeliness to a design. At the same time, porcelain can mimic the look of natural stone, and its clean and polished surface contrasts nicely with stone’s rougher texture. When mixing these textures, it’s essential to consider the overall aesthetic, balance, and intended atmosphere. Northrop and her team highlight the qualities of each and imagine their effectiveness in creating a unified space.

And yet, design trends and client requests can often lead to modifications. “I have seen the design trends change so much over the past few years. We have been actively going to markets to pull in more product diversity,” she says. That diversity distinguishes Eleganté from others because their design philosophy is not about a specific look but more about curation. “We need diversity to bridge the design elements.” Northrop adds. Their designs are not just about aesthetics; they are about telling a story and taking the time to understand their client’s vision. “I think that all clients have had much more time to think through what they want their spaces to feel like,” she says. “That being said, I think they all come to the table with a better understanding of how to express their vision for their homes but still need design assistance getting to the finish line.”

It’s a crowded market in the ever-evolving interior design landscape, and more is needed so as not to be just another interior design firm. For Eleganté, their client’s vision is their inspiration. What leads to Eleganté’s project execution? First, an in-depth consultation accompanied by visual inspiration to determine the design’s direction, narrative, and mood. Then, understanding lifestyle considerations and accommodating and including them in the design followed by a budget and timeline with ample time for feedback and collaboration, material, and finish selection. A well-executed interior design project is a comprehensive process that involves careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail. It aims to transform a space into a functional, aesthetic space that meets the needs and preferences of the client.

“I have seen the design trends change so much over the past few years. We have been actively going to markets to pull in more product diversity. We need diversity to bridge the design elements.”

–Branda Northrop, Founder, Eleganté Interiors & Design

Eleganté’s new showroom, located in Newpark, is a masterpiece in itself with art, custom furnishings, rugs, tile, textiles, lighting, and bedding—all beautifully and cohesively displayed on the retail floor. Their in-house design studio is set up with a bounty of fabric and rug samples, among other design examples, and it is there that clients can touch and feel before making selections that define their spaces. More importantly, there is a monitor for seeing 3D renderings, which provide a realistic and detailed visualization of the proposed interior design and allow clients to understand Eleganté’s concepts better and see exactly how the space will look when completed. The renderings can accurately convey textures, lighting, and scale of the design elements, making it easier for clients to appreciate the design’s realism and make informed decisions. These renderings play a crucial role by improving communication, facilitating decision-making, reducing misunderstandings, and enhancing the overall design process, resulting in a successful interior design project.

Eleganté is best described as a custom atelier where quality, creativity, and collaboration are the pillars behind a passionate team that brings timeless design and integrates local, regional, and national collaborations seamlessly into their design projects. “I think the elevation of design accents, textures, and color is a great way to see our touches,” says Northrop.

What sets Eleganté apart is their expertise in incorporating original ideas, innovative concepts, and the client’s vision into each project. Eleganté excels at crafting elevated living spaces by expressing their clients’ visions and infusing that energy and meaning into their homes—it’s the delicate language of personalization.