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Tile for a Change With Inside Out Architecturals

by Zoey Anderson

The last few years have caused the world to view things differently. In many ways, this period has brought more of our attention to the importance of comfort, safety, and functionality in our personal spaces. There were new challenges as home life and work life blended within our dwellings. We had to find creative ways to isolate office and school spaces from general living areas while still providing comfort. In addition to the ongoing challenge of creating environments that encouraged productivity and allowed us to be present as parents, an awareness emerged that forced us to rethink and refresh our spaces.

The desire to feel safe at home is a basic need. Once that need has been satisfied, it is human nature to begin looking at ways to personalize our spaces and make them feel and function uniquely as ours. As we begin to reevaluate our living situations, restoration and rejuvenation can be achieved by brighter and happier surroundings.


Image on Left: New Ravenna Wildflowers
Top Right: New Ravenna Balloonacy Center: Country Floors Status, Emerald Green.
Bottom Right: Original Style Glassworks, Andia Constellation

For centuries, builders and designers have used architectural elements to set their creations apart. Those who are successful create new standards and open the door for further evolution. Inside Out Architecturals (IOA) is a leading resource for those seeking creative options to upgrade their homes. They specialize in design solutions that are functional and enjoyable.

We are fortunate to live in a time when technology and creativity merge to create more innovative spaces. IOA provides a variety of materials to create a custom environment for every individual.

Leah Wynn, owner of IOA, developed an appetite for decorative and historical tile in college while conducting research for a fireplace and tile company. This research sparked her desire to open a store in Utah where others could experience the unique details and component parts of architectural design.


Original Style, Winchester Tile Cosmopolitan Flint Backsplash with Odyssey 8748 Teal on Chalk.

Inside Out Architecturals is a leading resource for those seeking creative options to upgrade their homes.

Representing over 50 unique decorative tile lines, IOA has a collection of the most intriguing tile options: from one-of-a-kind stones and large-format glass to the greatest of traditional flooring and historical ornamentals used for their charm throughout the years. The company carries the handiwork of today’s artisans in stone, metal tile, glass, and dimensional tile that are best described as “art,” and is excited to share several tile trends it is seeing for spring.

Tile Trends


Original Style, Living Wildflower Velvet

color me fantastic…

The colors of spring represent rebirth and are much needed to reenergize us after bleak pandemic years. Referencing the beginnings of decorative tile, imperfect artisan tiles are being made in earthy classic colors—deep greens and blues with twilight undertones, mauve, and terra cottas. These colors are also being toned down into beautiful pastel palettes.


Country Floors Bella Muro Ceramics – Bordeaux & Beige Matte.

rough it up…

Texture is the top trend this year in tile. Stones and porcelains have diverse treatments including brushed, hammered, and antiqued surfaces. In ceramics we see variations on decorative textures including puppy paws, flower imprints, and fabric textures.


New Ravenna Geode.

warming it up…

Color palettes are following the warmth of the season and stone colors are following that trend as well. While the crispness of Carrera was once highly coveted, there’s now a movement to the warmth of Calacatta Gold, Diana Royal, and Chelsea Grey Limestone.


New Ravenna Stratum.

pattern refined…

To counterbalance the textures in the stone and the artisan ceramics, Inside Out Architecturals creates beautiful harmony by pairing refined raised minimalistic patterns with smooth compositions.