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Time Honored Tile Traditions

by Alex Clarkson

Above: New Ravenna’s Artist at work on Amaranth

Inside Out Architecturals strives to provide tile that is loved and created by artisans skilled in their medium, whether it be stone, ceramic, glass, metal or other unique materials. Each of our vendors has studied and takes time and care to provide beautiful, hand-crafted items.


Artisans at work at Original Style

Making these unique works of art takes time and skill. Many who do this work have chosen to follow in the footsteps of previous family members while others have painstakingly researched and studied ways in which to improve upon methods of the past.

At IOA we go one step further to provide you with a knowledgeable staff to assist you with design and layout services and make sure that your purchase covers every detail to help you achieve your design dreams.

For centuries, builders and designers have used architectural elements to set their creations apart. Those who are successful create new standards and open the door for further evolution. Inside Out Architecturals is a leading resource for those seeking creative options to upgrade their homes. They specialize in design solutions that are functional and enjoyable.

Representing over 50 unique decorative tile lines, IOA has a collection of the most intriguing tile options, from one-of-a-kind stones and large-format glass to the greatest of traditional flooring and historical ornamentals. The company carries the handiwork of today’s artisans in stone, metal tile, glass, and dimensional tile that are best described as ”art.” Stop in and see our collections today.


Country floors 12” Checkered Stone

Retro a Go Go!

Many are recreating styles from the past. Grandma’s bathroom was pretty cool after all. Folks are re-visiting the 1940s and ‘50s with their tile. And the Art Deco era is Hot Hot Hot right now!


Top: Artisans at work at Original Style
Bottom: Original Style Living English Garden full Set

Baked Earth

Terracotta and its varying hues have a millennium of history. Now it’s back and folks are not just enjoying it for flooring. We often see it in patterns on walls as well in glossy and matte finishes.


Left: Marble Systems Cotto Rio Natural Noto Terracotta Mosaic
Middle: Country Floors Cotto Med Terracotta Star & Cross
Right: Country Floors Cotto Med Fan Shape Natural Terracotta

All the Way Up Please!

Murals and artistic statements are here to stay. If you desire a classic art piece, a beautiful floral garden, or a fabulous old wallpaper pattern, we are taking it all the way up the wall in all mediums. Stone mosaics, porcelains, and printed ceramics are not holding back on full-wall installation in amazing colors or simple line art. If you desire it, you can get it.


Birds & Branches hand cut mosaic in glass Obsidian, Quartz, and Agate by New Ravenna

Textural Tile

Tiles that create an eye-catching sense of depth and movement are in high demand. More of us are opting for tiles with irregular, shifting surfaces and imperfect lines to create interest. 3D textures and fluting are also bringing a dramatic impact to modern design.


Emil-Sixty Talco Minibrick in Cenere

The Bigger, the Better

The print quality on porcelain is getting so good that the tiles are getting bigger and bigger. So, scale it up and take that tile from the inside to outside on the back porch. Thickness can help areas with an extreme freeze-thaw cycle to carry it out.


Emil-Sixty Fango Esagona in Timbro

Toning Up

Do your room in one color. Italian companies are creating textured small-scale tile 2”x8” in a set with medium-scaled hexagons 8” and large-scale tile 24”x 24” so you can have a clean and cohesive space with textural interest.