Remember when the only tile available was sterile, used in those areas we wanted to be sanitary like hospitals, bathrooms, and subways? Its function far exceeded its aesthetic qualities. But there are those out there who saw the possibilities to enhance these installations with beauty, color, shape, and pattern. There are buildings and spaces set apart by the artistry of the tile like India’s Taj Mahal. It is Inside Out Architecturals’ desire to share with you what artists have done to bring life to tile.

Representing over 50 unique decorative tile lines, Inside Out Architecturals has a collection of the most intriguing tile options, ranging from unique wood parquet and large-format glass to the greatest of traditional flooring and historical ornamentals used for their elegance and resilience throughout the years. Additionally, Inside Out carries the handiwork of today’s finest artisans in metal, glass, stone, and dimensional tile that are best described as “art.”

Visiting Inside Out’s showroom will open your eyes to the infinite possibilities. With over 40 years of combined experience in assisting both design professionals and homeowners, the energetic and knowledgeable staff provides each client with the details that will make a project sing.

“Clients need the opportunity to visualize their decorative tile and its field and location before it is installed. We provide drawings and assistance in tile layout design to ensure our clients love their selections. When a complicated layout is drawn beforehand, we can address questions and finishing details for both client and installer before the installation begins,” explains owner Leah Wynn.

Inside Out Architecturals is a playground where creativity with tile can run wild. Visit the showroom and realize the full artistic possibilities of your project. Share the synergy of those who love what they do and welcome the unique opportunities each project presents.