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Wellspring Iron is a source of original creations and abundant possibilities

“I’ve always liked working with my hands,” says Olson, who moved to Utah in 1992 and fell in love with the area that same ski season. He began his career working for high-end contractors in neighborhoods like Bald Eagle, Deer Crest, and the Colony. “I learned what it meant to be a top-quality builder, and I bring those skills to all of our projects today, large or small,” he says.

Wellspring Iron is a family business located in northern Utah. It is a partnership between founder Chuck Chase, son Clayton, and his son-in-law Tyson. About ten years ago, he moved from Arizona to Utah.  Chuck has been around ironwork since he was a boy helping his dad. He recalls, “I started in the business with my dad as a teenager, perhaps a bit against my will sometimes, but it’s where I learned the basics.”

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Shortly after moving to Utah he realized there was a great opportunity for quality, detailed ironwork and Wellspring Iron was born. “For people building custom homes in the mountain west, ironwork has become a predominate feature in their construction plans. The mountain modern look has become very popular and we specialize in this style. We also manufacture custom steel and glass entry doors. They are a strong part of our growing business, and we believe we are just scratching the surface in the custom door market.” When looking at detailed craftsmanship, especially in a contemporary home,  custom iron railings and steel and glass entry doors offer a clean, modern style. You can find all of these hand made products at Wellspring Iron in Ogden, Utah.

The demand for ironwork comes in many forms in a custom home, including: doors, stairs, railings, fire pits, chimney caps, I-beams, and many other possibilities. However, at Wellspring Iron, they believe that custom steel doors are the centerpiece of a home. Wellspring steel doors are custom-built in northern Utah. Proudly American made and no imports. 

“We have been building doors for years, and in my opinion, they have never really caught on like they have now,” Chuck says. “We just installed a steel door that was 10 feet wide and 12 feet tall with a double pivot action. And the cost difference between steel and wood doors is much closer than it used to be, so when considering the benefits, it is a great choice. Steel doors are much more secure, stable, and are very low maintenance. Plus, they look amazing! Wood doors are prone to warping, cracking, splitting and general maintenance problems. All of these are great reasons to consider a steel door. We actually have replaced several damaged wood doors, so for those wanting beauty and durability, it is a better choice. The front door is the first and last thing people see when they come into a home. Our customers are free to be creative with their designs, and we do all we can to make it happen.”

Wellspring Iron came into the market at the right time to provide the products people want for homes with modern lines. Wellspring Iron is also well positioned in the market because of the creative solutions it offers. “We know our strengths, yet we are not afraid to try new projects. We do love a challenge,” Tyson answers. “Our company mindset is to deliver a product that can’t be matched,” says Clayton. “We are fortunate to work with some of the best builders in the area. From complex projects to simple jobs, we have the attention to detail and the dedication to quality that set us apart.”

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