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The Ultimate Views

by Alex Clarkson

Architect: Clayton Vance Architecture
Builder: Timber Creek Custom Homes

Windows and doors make up a large part of a luxury home’s building facade. Thoughtful window and door design makes a striking first impression, creates a memorable experience from within, and leaves a lasting impact. The offerings from P3 Windows & Doors expand design possibilities and help you create your home’s signature style. Their window and door products are durable, thermally efficient, low-maintenance, and most importantly, beautiful.

It is with great pleasure that P3 proudly unveils the Quartz Collection™ by Quaker Windows and Doors, designed to present your home with panache, both inside and out. The Quartz Collection is an architecturally engineered line of luxury residential windows and doors made with a distinguished aesthetic by Quaker Windows.

The Quartz Collection is available in a choice of styles and tones to fulfill any architectural requirement and match your creative story. The collection is tied together by advanced engineering design, sustainable manufacturing practices, and industry-leading performance characteristics.

The CityLine™ aluminum series showcases modern sight lines and contemporary construction. It offers all-around beauty and advanced thermal design. The TimberlineTM wood series offers timeless warmth and unmatched thermal comfort with an interior wood finish. The Steelvu™ narrow aluminum series offers an ultra-contemporary look with narrow sight lines for an ostentatious display that will leave a lasting impression inside and out. The collection in its entirety brings Quaker’s ultimate vision to your ultimate view.



From a technical standpoint, the Quartz Collection has been engineered to optimize advanced structural and thermal product characteristics. Its OptiCore frame technology offers superior design flexibility and structural integrity. Combined with a trademarked Azo-Core thermal barrier, the window products reach some of the lowest U values in aluminum frame design. They can even outperform wood, fiberglass, and steel frames, and offer extraordinary sound performance, cutting exterior sound transmission up to 25 percent for added comfort inside. Quartz windows and doors provide exceptional energy efficiency and thermal performance values that are unequalled in the industry.

The professionals at P3 observe what is not so obvious to the rest of us. The oversized windows in this home have the largest of sashes with consistent sight lines. They enhance breathtaking views of the Reservoir’s floor, which in turn, creates the most comfortable and luxurious interior. Quaker’s patented manufacturing process and P3’s expertise in delivery and installation ensure that your windows will be both beautiful and strong.


This striking ultra-contemporary Scandinavian-inspired home was featured in Park City’s Showcase of Homes this year. Expansive views of the Jordanelle Reservoir are amplified through crystal-clear picture windows from Quaker’s trademarked Quartz Collection. From the outside, the house’s strong, clean lines show the importance that window products play in creating a home’s visual identity. The experience from within the home and its views show the effect that well-selected window products have on the overall comfort and enjoyment of the home. From traditional themes to ultra-modern sight lines, and all of the variations between, the Quartz Collection by Quaker Windows and Doors captures the most original visions of an architectural style and adds personal variations that are shaped to enhance every lifestyle.

The modern showcase home displays a blended design approach that drives the unique partnership between the Quartz Collection and P3’s vision. In creating the Quartz Collection, Quaker Windows and Doors began with a vision of going beyond the ordinary and defying the common. From that foundation, they created philosophically strong and fundamentally sound windows. Quaker Windows relied on its seven-decades-long record of success, and, with their eyes pointing toward the future, has partnered with P3 to bring the next generation to the market. The Quartz Collection is the answer to the ambitious desire for superior windows and doors that both P3 and Quaker share.



The Quartz Collection from Quaker Windows is just one of the many product lines that P3 has researched and found valuable for its clients. Realizing that one product line or brand does not work for all, P3 has built diversity into its product offering to suit any style and any budget. With that in mind, over the years P3 has carefully selected a range of manufacturing partners to fill all those needs.

P3 brings to the table its local, diverse experience, as well as its relationships throughout the world to connect people to the right products. Because P3 connects building professionals to products that are known and trusted, they confidently stand behind their work. P3 continually looks for the most innovative products in the industry and brand partners to bring the newest and best products to its clients. The company is also budget-conscious, and the P3 professionals know how to find savings without diminishing the results.

P3’s window products include solutions for vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, wood- and aluminum-clad, and steel. P3 has relationships with a wide range of manufacturers. Their relationships and connections result in options and choices for finding just the right product for you.

To learn more about the Quartz Collection from Quaker Windows, visit quartzluxurywindows.com and search for your local consultant. To connect with P3 in Park City and Salt Lake City, call 801.946.1678.