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Using Tech to Revolutionize Custom Home Building

by Cassidy Mantor

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, where adventure calls from every slope, architecture and building firm Payne Cole established a relationship with a couple from Indiana. This dynamic duo, passionate about skiing, had a vision that transcended the ordinary—they dreamt of a ski-in, ski-out paradise on one of the highest lots on a ski resort bordering Canada.

Their story began in the middle of the winter of 2023 when they first met with the Payne Cole team. Their shared enthusiasm for skiing and their audacious dream of a mountaintop retreat brought them to the doors of Payne Cole Designs. What ensued was nothing short of a revelation.

Unlike conventional timelines that can often stretch into years, the pace at which Payne Cole operates is miraculous. By the spring of the same year, the project had received full approval from the homeowners association, a feat that left the community in awe. The responsiveness and efficiency of Payne Cole’s process were evident, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Payne Cole is led by partner and licensed architect Nic Cole (right) and co-founder Eric Payne (left). The duo offers a unique skill set when compared to a typical architectural firm.

July arrived, and with it came the groundbreaking moment—their vision was no longer confined to blueprints and daydreams. The builder, propelled by the precision of Payne Cole’s designs and the swift approvals, broke ground, turning the couple’s dreams into a tangible reality. The unheard-of timeline from a winter meeting to a summer groundbreaking was a testament to Payne Cole’s commitment to turning dreams into action.

What set this project apart was not just the speed at which it came to fruition, but also the immersive experience provided by Payne Cole Designs. The couple didn’t just receive plans; they were given a glimpse into their future. Payne Cole’s hyper-realistic renderings captured not only the architectural nuances but also the essence of the couple’s passion for skiing. Every slope, every tree, and every snowflake was meticulously represented, allowing the couple to envision the thrill of skiing right from their doorstep.

This mountaintop resort project epitomized Payne Cole’s ability to seamlessly blend a client’s passion with architectural excellence. The design – much like the couple it was crafted for – exuded energy and elegance. The ski-in, ski-out location was not just a feature; it was a lifestyle. Payne Cole understood that their clients weren’t just seeking a home; they were yearning for an experience, a haven where their love for skiing could flourish.

“Payne Cole Designs is a one-of-a-kind firm, designed in a way that a builder is destined to succeed in building your plan by utilizing our 3D rendered plans, that illustrate every detail of the home before the build begins.”

–Eric Payne, Co-Founder, General Contractor, Payne Cole


In a world where visions often meet bureaucratic roadblocks and construction projects are plagued by delays, Payne Cole Designs emerged as a beacon of hope. Their ability to navigate complex approvals and transform dreams into reality with an unprecedented timeline demonstrated not just their proficiency but also their dedication to client satisfaction.

As the ski chalet project took shape, it became a testament to the artistry of Payne Cole Designs. The couple from Indiana didn’t just get a home; they got a masterpiece – a sanctuary where every winter morning would greet them with the promise of adventure, every snowy evening would whisper tales of the day’s triumphs, and every ski track would be a testament to the incredible journey they had embarked upon with Payne Cole.

In the world of ski enthusiasts and dreamers, Payne Cole Designs didn’t just build a house; they crafted a true experience, etching their legacy on the slopes. As the ski lifts carried riders to the mountaintop, they beheld the marvel that was the couple’s home, a testament to the artistry, dedication, and unwavering commitment of Payne Cole Designs. Their commitment has since expanded from its roots in Montana to Park City, Utah, Sun Valley, Idaho, Sedona, Arizona, and other destination communities throughout the American West. Welcome to a world where dreams ski off the slopes and into the splendid reality of Payne Cole’s architectural marvels.