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Turning the tables on how to look at hardware and home finishes… one doorhandle at a time

by Zoey Anderson


With a new Park City showroom, Tanner Glass and Hardware’s approach to utility and function feels more like shopping for art. There is no limit to design options and directions across all the categories of hardware, bath, door, and cabinet. They have a wide variety of hardware vendors between the boutique storefront in Park City and the main showroom in Midvale.

As the go-to experts in the field, Tanner Glass and Hardware has been sought-out for over 21 years for its reliability and efficiency. Originally T&T Sales, Tanner Glass and Hardware has always prided itself on being a storefront where clients can find answers from people in the trade and satisfying solutions. Though the product selection has expanded in technology and production, the atmosphere stays the same; they take each client by the hand or in the case of hardware, the design board, and find the best possible finish for each room. Then they close the door, turn the handle to the next room, and begin again, treating each individual space as its own client.

“We’re not just for the luxury clients,” explains Jennie Tanner, managing partner and owner since 2012. “We are capable of working within any budget for the homeowner, the builder, or the corporate client.”

“We typically like to meet with our clients in one of our two showrooms and help them determine which direction they want to move towards with their hardware and glass.”
–Jennie Tanner, Managing Partner & Owner, Tanner Glass and Hardware


There are currently 63 employees and four different departments in the business: residential glass, commercial glazing, hardware, and picture and mirror framing. Tanner Glass and Hardware has two showrooms, Midvale and Park City. The main location is in Midvale, which includes a showroom, warehouse and fabrication center, and business offices. Their second location is in Park City. It has a beautiful new showroom, which is ideal for a personable selection experience.

“We typically like to meet with our clients in one of our two showrooms and help them determine which direction they want to move towards with their hardware and glass. Our dedicated showroom specialists will meet with clients one on one and help them see all of the available choices,” says Tanner.

A glance at Tanner Glass and Hardware’s website reveals the wide spectrum of available products on the market.

“Some of our most popular door hardware companies range from Schlage and Emtek to Ashley Norton and Rocky Mountain Hardware. Although this is only naming a few of the many companies we work with, we have a wide selection for any price range. Each company has a variety of finishes and matching your door hardware to your cabinet and bath hardware can be tricky,” says Tanner.


This is one of the many advantages of having a brick-and-mortar store because clients can make selections in person instead of shopping online. If you are a visual person like many are, Tanner Glass and Hardware is the perfect place to see and feel the textures of the things you are going to be handling every day. They have a vast multitude of cabinet hardware and bath accessories in their showrooms, making it easy to compare colors and designs right next to each other.

“We like to show our clients what they have chosen in our showroom on an application called Specbooks.”
–Jennie Tanner, Managing Partner & Owner, Tanner Glass and Hardware

Tanner Glass and Hardware ensures a seamless process to make selections by focusing on one area of the home at a time, which can ease an otherwise overwhelming experience. They love helping their clients craft and create their home remodel or new dream home.

Tanner Glass and Hardware can install all of the products you purchase through them. As an added bonus, they also warranty their install for one year. Those who are more DIY-inclined can choose to pick up their products as will-call items at both locations.

“We like to show our clients what they have chosen in our showroom on an application called Specbooks,” says Tanner. Specbooks will display images for the client’s selections. It also includes all the specs on the product including specific pricing, quantity, and functions for each room in the house. Because of this clarity and fail-proof communication, Tanner Glass and Hardware can eliminate any confusion.

“We find it to be very helpful when clients have spent their entire day making choices and then can’t recall what they chose. It also protects all parties from miscommunication,” Tanner adds.


Tanner considers door and cabinet hardware to be functional jewelry. “It can make or break any door and the available finishes vary by trends and style. Whether you prefer crystal knobs or contemporary levers, there are so many choices. Today, black is the new bronze and satin brass is the new polished brass. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but be sure that designers will drive the trends.”

Tanner Glass and Hardware’s product options and current trends are addressing a multitude of lifestyles. They are installing more curb-less shower enclosures for the convenience of wheelchair access and older homeowners who are feeling unsure about tripping over the curb. Parents are transitioning into replacing towel bars with robe hooks for the convenience of their children. Door knobs are also being replaced with door levers for the convenience of entering and exiting the home with full hands.

“I think people have transitioned into a much more convenient way of living and trying to make their homes more user-friendly for kids as well as individualism for all family members,” says Tanner.

The Tanner Team approach is to see clients through their design process and completed installation. Most of their work takes place geographically between Logan and St. George; however, clients still have the option to order and pick up products or have them drop-shipped to any desired location.