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by Victoria Plasse


“Because we are not a franchise and because we do all of our manufacturing in-house, we an more fully customize our client’s spaces from start to finish. Our customers are able to choose their finishes, hardware, accessories, and lighting to fit their individual styles.”
–Steve Saddler, Co-Owner, The Closet Butler.

Are you guilty of an unused Pinterest board dedicated to organization and collecting?

Perhaps the problem is not the lack of motivation to find storage for a fur coat collection, collector model airplanes, or that the family’s sports gear is consuming the front hall. Perhaps it is actually not knowing who to call that makes it difficult to actualize your desire for some order in your house.


You need to call The Closet Butler.

“Because we aren’t a franchise and because we do all of our manufacturing in-house, we can more fully customize our client’s spaces from start to finish,” explains Steve Saddler, co-owner with his brother, Brian, at The Closet Butler. “Our customers are able to choose their finishes, hardware, accessories, and lighting to fit their individual styles, from simple to extravagant. A new trend our clients have loved is the many textured materials that are now available.”


The Closet Butler offers four variations of closet designs depending on the look and budget of each customer. Because The Closet Butler team manufactures everything in-house, their systems are custom to each client’s space and needs. The outfit has worked in a variety of settings from simple apartment complexes to homes valued at over $10 million. Their average customer spends between $6,000-$18,000, but their bills of sale have ranged from $300-$2 million.

“Our customers can choose between a wall-hung system (everything is suspended off of the ground). Half and half (drawers and shelves to the floor only) and a floor-based system (everything is to the floor). We are also offering a new modern line starting this fall. We do our best to accommodate every style preference. Whether you are looking for a very standard closet or a boutique closet, we can help,” says McKenzi Saddler, manager.

Saddler says, “In the past, closets have tended to be dark and drab. One of our design goals is to brighten up your closet. After all, we start and end each day in our closets. We offer several lighting options to help brighten the space.”

The Closet Butler solutions for lightening up the mood include puck lighting, rope lighting, and lighted glass shelves.

“We also recommend adding lighting above rods, countertop areas, and down the length of your cabinet if you want to show off your favorite handbag or shoe collection,” says Saddler. “Mirrors also help to brighten the space by reflecting the light. The combination of lighting above a mirror can work miracles in a dark closet.”

After lighting, there’s a whole range of accessories to improve your boudoir experience beyond adjustable shelves. The closet can be transformed into a functional space, not just a storage space. One of Marie Kondo’s most repeated mantras is to “imagine yourself living in a space that only contains things that spark joy.” Well, imagine living in a space where it is joyful to find things you love.

“We have pant racks that free up drawer space by holding 18-32 pairs of pants on one convenient rack. Tie racks, valet rods, and belt racks that help you organize your items in the most space-saving way possible. Some of our most popular features include mirrored doors, customized drawers, lighting, folding ironing boards, and pull-out mirrors and hampers,” Saddler enthuses.


“Instead of the basic smooth finishes, we are now offering textured linen materials, dark, deep-grained woodgrain materials, all out of a melamine product. They have the look and feel of a high-end real wood product, but they are much more durable.”
–Brian Saddler, Co-Owner,
The Closet Butler

The Closet Butler also gets macro with jewelry drawer organization or a soft-close undermount that slides on a dovetail drawer box. These customizations have typically only been seen in the most exclusive luxury homes but now these options are affordable and available. The other incentive for working with The Closet Butler is that all of their installers work for The Closet Butler. The installers know the products and are part of a design team project, removing the opportunity for error.

According to Brian Saddler, projects for many years called for simple white melamine closets. In recent years, however, Saddler says that the company has seen an increase in more extravagant, higher-end finishes and closet designs. There has been a surge in Utah across all sectors: building, home remodels, apartments, and townhomes.


“The real estate market is growing, yes, but the closet industry has also stepped up our game. Instead of the basic smooth finishes, we are now offering textured linen materials, dark, deep-grained woodgrain materials, all out of a melamine product. They have the look and feel of a high-end real wood product, but they are much more durable. Even kitchen cabinets are shifting in this direction. People want something durable that feels and looks high-end, and that’s exactly what we are giving them,” Saddler explains.

There’s no question that the team at The Closet Butler is on top of the trends; it’s their business to organize trends. They have front-row seats to see how the trends are always changing. From black and gold hardware and accessories to expanded lighting and overall, a more sleek, efficient approach to modern design. All of their materials are hypoallergenic and green.

With all of the growth in Utah, there are also many belongings that are either outdated or that have been phased out. The Saddlers recognized a philanthropic niche wherein they could collect and donate belongings that were no longer wanted in the homes where they were installing closets. They could help families struggling with budgets during the pandemic and provide a critical service to their clients, help them clean house.

“We know that not everyone was faring as well as the construction industry. When we work in customers’ homes, they have the option to donate a bag of gently used items. Our installers will collect those items once the install is complete and bring them back to our showroom. We then have a local dry cleaner clean the clothes and we donate them to several charities in Utah,” explains McKenzi Saddler.


The donation program has been dubbed Closet for a Cause. The charities that they work with span the state and include The Lantern House, Family Promise, Underground Railroad, and The Salvation Army. Brian Saddler says that he understands what it means to struggle and how important it is to rally around one another.

He explains, “When we started The Closet Butler in 2008, we were in the thick of the recession. Here we were starting a business with young families in an economy that was less than ideal. There were times when we weren’t sure if we could afford a gallon of milk. Fast-forward 13 years and the business has grown to be the largest closet company in Utah. We know what it is like to struggle, and that is why we want to do our part and give back to the community. We love Utah and the people, why not rally together to lift those who may be down on their luck?”

In addition to closets, TCB manufactures cabinetry for anywhere in the home (not including large kitchens) including gun rooms, garages, home offices, and craft rooms. The Saddlers, like Marie Kondo, know that an organized home is a happy home.

The showroom is currently in Kaysville and a new 10,000-square-foot building project is underway that will feature 17 displays, a design center for customers and interior designers, and a ‘Builder’ center. During COVID-19 the company developed an online consultation program with Google Meet and Zoom meetings, 3D design drawings, and private showroom walk-throughs.

McKenzi Saddler also explains that all of the displays will be interactive with QR codes and product information for clients to browse. “What used to be an in-person experience only is now virtual and it’s worked flawlessly. We are extremely excited to continue to be industry leaders in the closet world. We are especially excited to be the first closet company in the country to feature a brand-new modern closet system that will be a game-changer in the closet industry,” she says.