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Earning a highly regarded reputation, Lisman Studio in Salt Lake has consistently been recognized nationally and locally by interior design peers for superior design quality. Just what sets them apart?
By Ann Zimmerman

The offices of Lisman Studio offer a strong first impression. Designers purposefully thumb through fabrics and color samples, confer quickly, and confidently go about their business. Beneath the office’s melded colors and richly mingled textures reverberates elegance with the hum of a well-tuned engine. From his office, LaMar Lisman, founder and CEO, oversees operations and sets the tone for the firm’s hallmark professionalism.

“It’s our responsibility to create environments that enhance the beauty and function of our clients’ interior spaces,” Lisman sums up crisply. “We work on commercial and residential spaces, including high-end homes, second homes and condominiums, and a range of renovations. We work on any size of homes and within a variety of budgets.” Through Lisman Studio’s 20 years of design experience, the firm has grown and earned a reputation with contractors and colleagues for the firm’s professionalism, creativity, and reliability. Similarly, a remarkable 80% of the firm’s business is repeat work with clients or direct referrals.

Dedication to Detail and Quality

It is Lisman Studios’ consistent attention to all projects regardless of size and budget that inspired builder Brandon Quinton of Cameo Homes, Inc. to comment, “Lisman Studio has been a breath of fresh air to work with; it is very client-driven. Our experience is that many design firms love to work on only the super high-end projects, but Lisman Studio has been great on a tight design budget, and a recent project turned out incredible.”

Responsiveness is one of LaMar Lisman’s expectations for his team. “Calls and emails are to be returned as soon as possible, and always by the end of the day.” This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Matt Russell, President of Russell and Company Builders. “They are very prompt to answer any questions during construction, which always helps us keep on schedule. Every job has turned out great, and the homeowners are happy.”
Matt Russell adds, “It’s so nice to work with designers who have such great ideas and are so organized and easy to work with.”

Homeowners share these high opinions. In a recent letter thanking LaMar Lisman and senior designer Belle Kurudzija for work on their home, clients Chris Torek and Kristeen Black called them “visionary interior designers with unusual dedication to detail and quality.”

Jeremy Jackson of Jackson & LeRoy Remodeling has worked with Lisman Studio on a number of projects, including a recent one with senior designer Niki Strebel, and he is in agreement with others’ views of Lisman Studio’s professionalism. “Their detailed, honest, professional approach makes them a pleasure to work with—for us and our clients. They help create a team atmosphere where problems are resolved quickly and without conflict.”

No Two Designs are Alike

The designs created by Lisman Studio cross all spectrums. “Our breadth of designs is directly attributed to our breadth of designers,” LaMar explains. “Each project is different and unique to the client and to the parcel of land. I assign a designer whose interest and experience best fit the project. Our designers have exceptional backgrounds from the top schools. It is important we hone in on the individual client and achieve value, exclusiveness, and uniqueness.”

The heart of the design studio is the material library. “It is the largest local design library that I am aware of,” says LaMar, as he explains his emphasis on a strong knowledge of materials and fabrics. Additionally, the firm sets aside specific time weekly for presentations on new technologies and on-trend products.
“We are relentless in pursuing what is new, different, and unique. We are experiencing a renaissance in new materials, and there is no reason to repeat selections,” notes LaMar. He adds, “We won’t pull the same fabrics and schemes again. Once they are used, they are archived.”

This approach to embrace evolving products has earned them a reputation among industry professionals. “The Lisman team has a great eye for the latest in stylish, on-trend fabrics, and they clearly know what their clients will respond to and love,” comments Matthew Schenk of Robert Allen Fabrics. Bill Hughes of Fabricut Fabrics agrees, “I know the designers there to be detailed with their projects and to use the most recent and updated products available.”

Mountain Home Designs with Many Looks

Lisman Studio’s approach to mountain luxury living doesn’t rely on a style or look, but rather an approach to the material palette that addresses the use: heavy foot traffic to and from the outdoors for recreation; extremes of sunlight and cloudy weather; use by guests unfamiliar with the home; and durability and easy care.

“With mountain home designs, we look more to nature for inspiration, and nature inspires us to use more natural and organic fabrics,” explains LaMar. “We find a crossover to commercial materials useful because of their higher wear, and we have had good experience with indoor-outdoor fabrics: they are soft, plush, and won’t fade. A good mountain design has to be conscious of the sun with motorized window shades and durable window treatments that won’t obscure views but will prevent fading. With mountain homes, we focus on creating a durable design that is easy to maintain and stands up to the climate. But with these few givens, we can create almost any look and feel a client wants.”

Lisman Studio sets the standard for design with a reputation for the freshest and newest products. People in the home industry and homeowners openly acknowledge that Lisman Studio’s professionalism, easy approach to collaboration, and clear, reliable communications make them the designers of choice, and they seek them out project after project. With Lisman Studio, each design is distinctive to the client and place. Curious about the unique design Lisman Studio will create to make your home comfortable, personal, and the perfect for the backdrop for the moments of your life? Call them for an initial consultation.

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