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Scott Miley Roofing’s expertise ensures a home’s secure protection from Idaho’s four seasons of elements.

Constant change is the hallmark of mountain weather—bright penetrating sun, pounding cloudbursts, wind’s fury, feet of fluffy snow, and sudden melts. All these test the roofs of homes, the important layer of protection between the elements and interior comfort and security. Through their wide array of services and quality products, the professionals at Scott Miley Roofing make certain that the roofs they build, repair and service are up to all the challenges the weather can offer.

A local presence since 1992, owner Scott Miley has grown his company and established a reputation for competence, reliability, and professionalism. To be effective as a roofing specialist, one has to understand how it integrates with the other construction elements of a home. Scott Miley has an extensive background in contracting. He is a licensed contractor and owner of Associated Construction Services, Inc. He is also a Certified Green Professional through the National Association of Home Builders, and prepared to address his clients’ energy consumption concerns.

“We realize that as a locally owned business based in the Wood River Valley, people come to us for a reliable, long- term connection that is essentially based on our commitment to service,” Scott answered when asked about his range of services. “They know we will be here if they need a remodel, addition, or a green upgrade, and they can count on us for services like snow removal or repairs. We are, of course, fully insured, and we guarantee our work and back up our products’ warranty.”

Most people know Scott Miley Roofing for new construction and their carefully selected product lines for addressing local fire and building codes. “We address codes while offering a range of colors, textures, patterns and styles that work well with the mountain setting and the variety of architectural styles in the area, as well as energy-saving performance,” notes Scott.

The product lines include GAF-Elk, DaVinci, and Titan, and combined, these fine collections address every possible quality roofing need. GAF-Elk, founded in 1886, is the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing. Grand Canyon, one of GAF-Elk’s lines, looks like shakes, but carries a Class A fire listing ad a lifetime warranty. Others have a thick slate appearance, and are similarly fire-rated and with the warranty. DaVinci Roofscapes offers slate and shake style products in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and collated color blends resistant to winds up to 110 mph and rated for Class A fire retardancy. Titan products are Energy Star® rated with metal coating for heat reflection, and these products qualify for tax credits.

For new construction, remodels and additions, Scot Miley Roofing extends their products and services to custom seamless, copper rain gutters, metal and composite siding, and sheet metal fabrication. They offer waterproofing, work on flat roofs, replace roofs, add skylights, and repair.

When asked about their success in return customers and referrals, Scott attributes it to paying attention to detail. “We work with the customer to create the perfect look, and achieve it with the highest quality of material and workmanship ensured by effective project management. We recognize quality and employ only the most qualified and experienced craftsmen. We inspect our jobs in depth as work progresses,” he clarified.

Prepare for the weather with a new roof, but if the perils of weather take their toll, Scott Miley Roofing extends their services to meet the need. They offer inspections and free estimates for roof repairs or replacements. Meeting them is the beginning of never having to worry about your roof again.

For more information call 208.788.5362 or visit them online at scottmileyroofing.com

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