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Residential builder Schuchart / Dow brings its award-winning craftsmanship to Sun Valley

“A great home is more than just a house,” said Jim Dow. “It combines a meaningful aesthetic with physical comfort. A truly great home is the reflection of strong design talent mixed with the personal style of those who live there.”

This is how Jim Dow sees it. It is a fairly humble statement from an experienced builder who has created some noteworthy houses over the years. But this is the Schuchart/Dow way.

Based in Seattle, Schuchart/Dow is a builder and remodeler of one-of-a-kind, architecturally significant residences in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The company is built on a foundation of admiration and respect for great design. From notable names to burgeoning talent, Schuchart/Dow works side-by-side with the best architects and craftspeople on all of its projects.

These projects include single-family residences, urban condominiums, island retreats and vacation homes. From contemporary houses of concrete and steel to traditional residences constructed with brick, Schuchart/Dow builds in a variety of locales with a wide range of materials.

The common thread between all of these projects is a commitment to quality, attention to detail and a passion for bringing great design to life.


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Schuchart/Dow’s work is guided by a strong mission, vision and a set of values, which are instilled in each of its team members. The company’s mission is to build lasting relationships of trust and confidence through delivery of an unparalleled building experience. The tagline says it all: Partners. Builders. Craftsmen. Schuchart/Dow puts people first — building and sustaining lasting relationships with clients, designers, craftspeople and community.

As for the company’s core values, Schuchart/Dow upholds an environment of trust, confidence, transparency, responsibility and an enthusiasm for learning. Above all, the company approaches each project with the intent of setting — and then exceeding — expectations.

Long-time construction industry leaders George Schuchart and Jim Dow founded Schuchart/Dow in 2004. They formed a partnership with the goal to become the highest quality residential builder and remodeler in the Pacific Northwest. Schuchart/Dow remains focused on this goal though the company’s reach has grown to include California, Hawaii, British Columbia, and now Idaho.

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With two projects underway in Sun Valley, Schuchart/Dow opened its regional office — named “Dynamite Shed” after its original use — in Ketchum in fall 2012 with a celebration in conjunction with Wagon Days. While the company has people on the ground at project sites throughout the West, this is the first office outside of its Seattle headquarters.


“We’re looking forward to establishing our roots in the Sun Valley business community with our new office and growing presence in the area,” said Schuchart/Dow general manager John Hoedemaker.

Schuchart/Dow took over the building formerly occupied by Bobbie Burns’ shop when the ski legend relocated in September 2011. Dynamite Shed (pictured this page) was constructed in 1880 to store explosives that were sold by the Gillette & Evans Mercantile, the chief supplier during the mining and smelting boom. Purchased by Glen and Esther Mueller in the 1950s, the second story was added to serve as a residence above their gift shop below. Burns opened his store there in the 1980s.

Olson Kundig Architects created a design for the Dynamite Shed’s interior spaces that would better suit Schuchart/Dow’s needs. The builders took on the remodel themselves, transforming the retail space into an office and the second story into an apartment for visiting team members.

Industry veteran Mike Smith leads the Sun Valley office. With over 34 years of experience in the field of architecture, Smith brings a high level of business acumen, project management and marketing expertise to his role as manager.


Houses That stand out from the crowd

Schuchart/Dow is an architect’s builder. The team loves being a part of the creative process, collaborating with designers on their vision and executing that vision in a way that honors both form and function.

A defining moment in Dow’s career was when he had the opportunity to work with renowned architect Christopher Alexander. This experience cemented his commitment to working on projects of real architectural merit, as well as the value of a collaborative effort between the builder, architect and client.

Schuchart/Dow has made a name for itself building distinctive residences which often come with a bit of a challenge — from working in a remote location to building on a site that is severely sloped or, in the case of the Pierre (pictured above,) working with a large rock outcropping. Designed by Olson Kundig Architects, this award-winning residence in the San Juan Islands was built within the space created by blasting and cutting into rock.

In Sun Valley, Schuchart/Dow is working with renowned architect Rick Joy on a contemporary residence in the Fairways neighborhood. Built with stone and wood, this house will be completed in Winter 2013. Their other local project is a modern house in the Bigwood neighborhood. Designed by Tom Kundig, it is situated on a knoll with views of Baldy and the surrounding area.

With Dynamite Shed and two statement residences taking shape, Schuchart/Dow feels right at home in Sun Valley.

The Schuchart/Dow office is located at 271 Sun Valley Road, between Main and Washington in Ketchum. For more information, call 208.928.7828 or visit