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By Raine Kidder

Technology changes at light speed but you can count on Audio Innovations to guide you on that journey. Audio Innovations is much more than just audio. For over 25 years they have been the local company setting the standard for knowledge, sophistication, experience, and service in the field of home electronics and automation systems. While on the forefront of audio technology, they specialize in anything electronic. “The name says it all,” smiles owner Jess Goitiandia. Audio Innovations is committed to the value of building relationships and working with the best, where you can find electronic devices, speakers, and cables or take your home integration system to the next level. You can count on Audio Innovations for service, integrity, and willingness to help with all of the changing advancements in technology.

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Celebrating their 26 years in business is not Goitiandia’s style. Humble and forthright, he credits the path of reaching such a milestone through the friendships and relationship they have built with clients year after year. “Without our clients’ trust and confidence there would be no Audio Innovations,” says Goitiandia. Their commitment to due diligence and follow-through is what the clients appreciate.

From its genesis in 1992, Audio Innovations has incorporated more services and products—including its own trademark innovations—under one company. In their 25-plus years, Jess Goitiandia and his company have seen many advancements in the audio and electronics business. Initially, most of their work involved installation of home entertainment systems. But now audio and electronics encompass not only flat screen televisions, home theaters, and audio home electronics but include telephones, lighting, motorized shades, security systems, and more involving whole-home integration. “Security is a generalized term for alarms, cameras, back-up generators, and fire protection,” Goitiandia explains. “Our systems manage a home’s efficient performance like heating and cooling snow melt, and sensors that drive efficiency. A smart home is essentially a carefully electronically integrated home.”

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“Audio Innovations works with anything electrical where craftsmanship, pride, and installation matters.”

–Jess Goitiandia, Owner, Audio Innovations

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“A good symbol for all we do is the iPad or the single controller that a homeowner uses to monitor and operate their house or business.

–Jess Goitiandia, Owner, Audio Innovations

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Voice recognition is a popular advancement in the field of integration, encompassing comfort, security, efficiency, and entertainment. Far beyond the voice technology employed by such trendy products as Google Home and Alexa, fully integrated systems interface with your whole house. To accomplish such a project, Audio Innovations works with Creston Electronics, an American company with great automation technology that appreciates ingenuity as much as Goitiandia. Automation systems are advancing beyond mere voice recognition to true automation, wherein systems are programmed to react to the nuances of personal preferences such as the changing light of the seasons and personal needs of lighting and security, whether you are home or away.

Audio Innovations can design and anticipate for the ever-changing climate of technology. They are a fully integrated firm and handle all stages of development from inception and design to service and maintenance.

With a staff that is knowledgeable, licensed, and qualified, including a journeyman electrician and an IT specialist, they work closely from the beginning of a project with each client to formulate a concept from the very beginning through to installation. AI then selects the best products to fit each client’s demands from the best companies in the business.

“A good symbol for all we do is the iPad or the single controller that a homeowner uses to monitor and operate their house or business. To make a system like this work, consider that Audio Innovations has designed it, wired it, installed the equipment, and programmed the device. We are here to program for any additions or changes to the system and we come for service calls when needed,” Goitiandia explains.

It does not hurt that electronics is a passion of Goitiandia’s, and he graduated with a degree in robotics before returning home to the Valley. The field inspires him and he is always at the forefront of new ideas and discoveries. “What always intrigues me is innovating new systems,” Goitiandia confesses. “Problem-solving is my favorite part. If you can imagine it, we can do it.” You can depend on Audio Innovations to come up with new and better products and ways to do things, as well as anticipate and design for technological advancements.

Audio Innovations is your local source and authority on home automation and entertainment. They can assist with all home audio and electronic needs, including the most basic electronics and state-of-the-art products to home integration systems built from the ground up.

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